Vacuum Cleaner’s Features That One Should Consider Before Purchasing it

The articles focus on the features that one has to know before buying a vacuum cleaner. He will consider suction power, bin capacity, wet or dry vacuum, air filtration, noise levels, cleaning reach, cleaning tool, weight, and vacuumed area. By checking those features, you will know which one to buy.

The vacuum cleaner is an apparatus using suction to collect dust from different parts surfaces. Before purchasing it you have to know its features.

Knowing its features will help you buy the best vacuum cleaner which will satisfy your demand. Suction power, weights, air filtration, and other features are discussed below.

 Suction Power

Cleaning depends on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. If you have thick carpets, you have to buy a strong suction motor.

Mostly most suction powers range between 100-200 watts. Therefore vacuum cleaner price in Kenya is determined by the suction power of Vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Bin Capacity

You should consider a dirt bin capacity of one litter. That will make you have enough area. Therefore emptying is very easy.

Also, consider one with a smaller dirt bin. A very large dirt bin always results in to release of an unpleasant smell. Therefore be keen on dirt bin capacity before buying it.

Wet or Dry Vacuum

Dry vacuum cleans dry surfaces while wet one cleans wet surfaces or even water. You have to be keen on which one to buy. So that it satisfies your needs.

Because goods once sold cannot be returned. You should not make the mistake of buying a wet vacuum when you want to clean a dry surface.

Air Filtration

You have to consider one with good air filtration. Some people are suffering from asthma and allergy. Such people should be keen when buying it.

You should always dry the filter before returning inside the vacuum. A wet filter can damage your vacuum cleaner therefore avoid it.

Noise Levels

You should avoid any vacuum cleaner which is noisier than 75 dB or 80 dB. The vacuum cleaner with 60 DB is the best one. You can use it even in a room even when one is sleeping inside the same room.

Though its price is higher you should consider it to be in a peaceful environment.

Cleaning Reach

This is the distance between the furthest area to be cleaned and the power outlet of the vacuum cleaner. This depends on your area of operation.

Therefore you buy one which will clean every part.

Cleaning Equipment

This equipment is bought separately. They include crevice tools, dusting brushes, upholstery tools, monitored pet tools. Buy one which will fit your machine.

And again buy one which will ensure that the surface is cleaned very well.


They have different weights. Weight is very important to consider. Sometimes you can be operating on the ground floor but the machine is stored on the sixth floor. You have to acquire a lighter one.

Vacuum cleaner price in Kenya  is determined by weight. One which functions efficiently but is lighter is having a higher price.

Vacuumed Area

The size of the area to be cleaned is determined by the durability and quality of the vacuum cleaner. When you have a small apartment, use one with lower power.

Also lighting the area of operation is very important. For example, by removing dust under the furniture you must put on the light.


The above features are discussed to determine its price. Their prices are different. You have to check those features keenly to know the one to satisfy your needs.  For more, check