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Trendy Ways To Cut A Cake Perfectly

Cakes have long earned the status of being one of the most important edibles that form an integral part of an annual festivity, regardless of the time of a given year when they are marked. They usually play an important role in setting the atmosphere of a happy occasion to make it even more enjoyable. A good quality dessert or happy birthday cake is something that everyone eagerly looks for at an event venue and prefers to have at least a few bites of it if not much. No birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just a casual get-together in the company of loved ones seems to be complete in itself without its gorgeous presence.

Just purchasing the right cake is no longer enough and you also need to cut it into equal pieces to ensure all the guests get an equal portal of party time edibles. Such projects can be an excellent source of recreation provided you are skilled enough to handle it in the right way. It is also an art like many others and not everyone masters it alike.

Not being able to complete the task in the right manner mostly creates great embarrassment among everyone that no one would ever like to face. However, you need not stress about this issue much as here in this write-up, we have come up with a permanent solution to it.

Quick Chill Your Cake:

The very first step on which you need to extensively focus is quickly chilling your cake before finally starting to cut it. This is the point where most people commit a blunder out of excitement to ascertain the taste of the dessert prepared by them after investing a lion’s share of their time, money, and energy. In actuality, you would only create messy slices by attempting to divide a frosted cake at room temperature leading to wastage of material that you would never want. A better option would be to place the confection into the refrigerator uncovered for close to 30 minutes to make the butter used in frosting firmer, leaving hardly any chance for its stick to the edge of the knife that you are planning.

Arranging all the tools

In the meantime, you can focus on arranging all the tools that you would be used later during the process well within your reach to make sure you need to run here and there at the last minute to get them, which can be extremely stressful experience. In case you find this process to be tough for you, then it is advisable to order cakes online through an internet-based business that has ample resources to get your favorite dessert cut as per your desire that would hardly cost you any extra.

Understand the shape of your dessert clearly before deciding on using a given type of tool to cut it into equal pieces. A Tomato knife with a thin blade is often regarded to be best for cutting a round cake, but you also have the option of using a serrated bread knife.

Keep in mind the total number of guests that you are expected to be presented at the special event organized by you or your loved ones before finally deciding on the size of each slice. Make a little thinner slices if you see someone unexpected at the event venue of the special day.

Soak The Knife In A Glass Of Lukewarm Water:

Did you know that slightly warm knives usually work better as compared to the colder ones? Yes, you have heard it right. Give preference to stand eight-inch knives, but sharp ones of any length may serve the purpose well. Consider soaking the knife in a glass of lukewarm water. Another option would be to hold it over a burning stove with the blades in the downward direction for a few seconds or rather till the time they are mildly hot but can be easily held. Wipe the blades well with a damp cloth or paper napkin, which is easily available to you, and position it on the cake to slice it. The heat often helps the knife to run through the frosting without dislodging them.

Think about running the knife on both sides of the very first slice to ensure it is thoroughly cut without disturbing the frosting of the neighboring slice in any way.

Use A Floss For Larger Cakes:

If you have ordered a large sheet dessert for your special event or that of your loved ones, then a dental floss that is specially designed to create a single clean cut extending from one end to another may be the right choice. Start by simply placing the tool at the top of the desert and press it down gradually and gently on both ends to cut through the layers effortlessly. If your baking pan has a large tongue, then think about placing the confection over the chopping board. There is no strong reason for hesitating to order birthday cakes or make birthday cake online order that are usually available in a wide range of customization options.

Browse through cake-cutting videos available over the internet to get a clear idea about ways to cut various kinds of cakes.

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