Top Tips for Purchasing a Quality Solar Battery in Kenya

The global climate change that has seen most regions suffer from global warming, desertification, melting of glaciers and so on has led to the rise in need for the green energy. What do I mean? Solar energy is the way to go. To fully maximize the energy it is of great importance to buy a productive battery to store some of the charges for future use.

Buying a solar panel no matter the quality will not serve you the best when you don’t have a quality battery. The purpose of a panel is to harness the direct sun rays and convert them to solar energy which is then stored by the battery after passing through a converter. You get the whole process, it is only through the battery that you will use the energy.

Figure 1: A 12v 200ah solar battery

To achieve maximum service from your solar battery, you have to keenly observe the following key points:

1. The Proposed Purpose of the Battery

As you are aware not all batteries serve the same purpose. Each solar battery is designed to power a particular group of appliances. In purchasing one, first, you have to be decided on the work you need the battery for then you can go on to buy your preferred. Batteries have the specific capacity and failure to observe that may destroy them very fast.

2. The Solar Panel Quality used

The solar panel is important in harnessing energy, a solar always work best with their prescribed battery standard. You now understand that solar of high harnessing capacity will need a battery of high storage capacity and vice versa. It is therefore worth noting that buying a quality battery needs a quality solar panel, no less no more.

3. Installation and Running Costs

This is mainly for investments purpose. always an investment is worth it when its costs are at a minimum. Installation and running costs of a battery include the purchasing, transport, general maintenance and associated costs. Always consider the 12v 200ah Solar battery price in Kenya as you focus on quality without forgetting the associated costs.

4. Maintenance and Service

Any machine or an appliance must be properly managed and serviced. A solar battery always undergoes some wear and tear of its parts as it stores and transmits energy. The clip attaching to the terminals of the battery must be regularly checked to ensure they are in working condition, top up the acid level and regularly clean the battery to avoid acid leakage.

5. How it Works

This is not much concern since there is a manual that instructs you on the installation. It is always worth noting that some suppliers give installation services as an after-sale promotion. This is to bring to your attention that always does your research on the best supplier and you will never regret it.


The price of a battery will only be a significant consideration when all the above factors are in place. Always don’t rush into purchasing the products, especially the electronic devices without prior knowledge of your preference.

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