Top Design Trends in House Design 2022

It’s not surprising that home design is changing. In the months and days since early 2020, homeowners have been able to reevaluate what their home should reflect. Many homeowners are seeking to move away from the past. In 2022, house design trends will be dominated by creative expression, individuality, freedom of design and free will. If hardwood floors aren’t your thing, research beneficial modern flooring options such as commercial carpet tiles that come in diverse designs and are easy to maintain.

With drawing to a close, and thoughts of new homes and renovations swirling in our heads we gathered data and predictions from experts in the housing sector, including architects, builders and realtors. Let’s look at some of these innovations that are expected to be in the American home by 2022.

What is trending in 2022?

It’s All About the Curves

Perhaps the extra weight gained in the pandemic is to blame, but home design curves are back. Inside, you’ll see more barrel-vault ceilings and curvy wall designs. Furniture and furnishings will also be influenced by the trend towards curving.

Outside, arched windows, doors, openings, and ceilings are available for porches.

If done well, curves add personality and a sense of wonder to any home. Curves are a good alternative to the “straight line syndrome” of recent times.

Black is the New Black

In 2022, natural colors, with subtle tones, and warm tones, will be in fashion. But, black will still be an acceptable accent color for the home. Black can add a pop of color to a room that is otherwise neutral. Both the interior and exterior of a space can be enhanced by black window frames. Black lacquered entrance door ads curb appeal and punch.

As homeowners move away from an all-white kitchen, they will see black appliances, shiny or matte, in their kitchens.

Luxury Outdoor Living: What took us so long?

It took some homeowners a pandemic to realize the value of their backyard. After enjoying the many benefits of outdoor living, most people aren’t eager to return inside. In 2022, outdoor living spaces that are larger and more luxurious will be a priority. The days of small decks and patios that could hold a grill or a table with an umbrella are gone.

Buyers will expect a combination of a covered rear porch and a screened-in porch. These new outdoor spaces look so great, it will be hard for homeowners to decide whether they want to stay inside or go outside. They aren’t stopping there. They are building pools, hot tubs and fire pits as well as plenty of seating for all of them.

Kitchens — Nothing But White (Almost), in Cabinetry and Countertops

White kitchens are the most popular choice for homeowners for decades. The kitchen has become a white-on–white space, with white cabinets and subway tile. It has become almost too much. Modern kitchen designers are now incorporating color into their kitchens. The manufacturers of kitchen cabinets and appliances have also been paying attention.

You can expect to see kitchens with either painted or wood cabinets by 2022. Although the colors won’t appear bold because most homeowners spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room of the house, they will be warm and inviting. Granite will continue to be the top choice for countertops but other materials will also be available. The mixing of two countertop materials, such as granite countertops and a type hardwood for the kitchen island, will be very popular.

Hardwood floors look more interesting with patterns

It is hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring has been around since the beginning of time so it isn’t new. However, hardwood floors are subject to changes in style and fashion over the years. This is just like the home colors, kitchens, or overall decor.

However, the fun part begins in 2022. It is common for homeowners to incorporate lighter wood into their home’s design, in some rooms or all of the rooms. Old World craftsmanship is more popular with two-tone inlays and patterns. Many of these styles don’t require expensive hardwood.

The Metal Roof: Eco-Friendly and Fashionable

Standing-seam roofing is more common than ever. It can be used on the entire roof or as an accent like a porch roof or awning over windows. Metal roofs are more costly than traditional asphalt roofs, but they last longer and are more durable than the latter. It is also eco-friendly.

Flexible Spaces

The interior layout of a home is important, especially if the family stays there. For those with formal dining areas, these spaces are quickly converted to home offices or the new classroom for the kids. If you are looking to buy a home, a “flex room” or “flex space” is an essential feature. You have many options for flex spaces, including an extra bedroom, a kid’s recreation area, or just a quiet spot to relax.

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