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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Microwave Oven

Here are some expert-recommended practices for extending the useful life of your microwave.

These days, a microwave oven is as much a part of daily living as a relief appliance. Modern life is faster-paced and shorter in duration.

Microwave ovens allow people to experiment with cooking without using a conventional range. It’s no secret that microwave ovens have quickly become a household staple in countries all over the globe.

Although many different models of microwaves (including convection microwaves, regular microwaves, and over-the-range microwaves) may be found for purchase, all of them require the same routine care and cleaning.

However, the main issue that individuals have with those who use this appliance is that it breaks down before its expected lifespan is over.

These microwaves last for around 3 to 4 years, although most users report that they only operate at peak efficiency for about half that time.

Accurate Positioning

While most of us don’t give much thought to where we keep our various kitchen equipment, the location of your oven is crucial.

You may purchase a microwave stand or construct a dedicated cabinet for added security.

Ensure there is enough ventilation around the microwave by giving ample space on all sides.

Wires should be routed through the grommets from the outside to protect them from the oven’s heat. However, you should not let them get too much longer than necessary or subject them to undue tension or pulling.

It’s best to keep the microwave away from the stove and the sink so that it won’t be damaged by heat or water and cause a short.

Don’t slam any doors or windows.

When removing food from a microwave, many people have the annoying habit of slamming the door shut with some force. It’s essential to remember that the door is much smaller than a refrigerator’s or a car’s, so we shouldn’t press on it with the same force.

Over time, the door’s locks might be damaged from being slammed too forcefully. If this happens, one of the microwave’s three edge-outs on the door might be broken.

The microwaves’ safety features won’t let them turn on if the doors aren’t completely shut.

Keep in mind the product’s stated weight restrictions.

You shouldn’t worry about capacity anymore because modern microwaves have plenty of it.

However, things like heavy dishes and huge frozen products can put mechanical pressure on the machine.

Those items ought to be avoided at all costs!

Some of the components in the meal cannot be cooked in a conventional oven.

Observe these guidelines, and you will prevent many kitchen mishaps.

Paper bags and other forms of paper packaging should not be heated in a microwave since they pose a fire hazard.

Put only microwave-safe plastic containers and utensils in the microwave. Adding silver foil is also not recommended.

Use only microwave-safe plastic containers and cookware made of glass or ceramic.

Learn more about OTG ovens by reading about their functions and where to get one.


You can maintain your appliance by following the advice above and guidelines. Due to these changes, your convection solo microwave oven’s efficiency and longevity will noticeably improve.