Tips To Decorate A Modern Master Bedroom

A bedroom is considered the heart of the house, where you get to relax, unleash your stress and feel comfortable. It should give you positive vibes and a calm surrounding instead of a cramped and stuffy space. If you are designing your new home’s master bedroom or refurbishing your old one, it is time to incorporate your personal preferences and build a splendid bedroom according to your will and wish. To wake up in a room full of happiness, make sure it feels light, spacious, stylish, airy and comfortable at the same time. Many might wonder if the contemporary style and the modern style are the same. Well, they are slightly different from each other but are put under one common category most of the time. Try incorporating your bedroom with the utmost comfort and stylish furniture available in the market to stay in the current trend and embrace modern attributes. Wakefit provides you with such type of furniture to give a sleek and contemporary feel to your bedroom. Here are some bedroom decor ideas that help you decorate a modern master bedroom without any chaos or confusion.

Use mirrors on wardrobes to make the room look contemporary:

Mirrors on the walls of the bedroom wardrobe reflect not only your personality but also grace, style and elegance. It can avoid the necessity of a separate dressing table which saves you a lot of space, making the room airy and free to walk. Make sure your wardrobe has all the necessary space you require to store your stuff. Some might need extra hanger space, while the rest might require smaller compartments. Customize the wardrobe accordingly. If you have more clothes and fewer accessories, go for something with more hanger space.

Choose a sleek legged bed that feels modern:

A bed could be either metal or wood, depending on your taste. Mostly metal beds are used to give a contemporary look where you could paint it sandal or cream to give it grace and elegance. But if you deliberately want a wooden bed online to sleep on, never mind, there are many wooden beds that are sleek and stylish and adapt to the room’s contemporary look. Approach the right bed that fits the idea in your mind. Go in for fewer carvings, long legs and thin railings which suit the contemporary style.

Add side tables that match the bed:

Managing storage is also important in any style. A bedroom can have wardrobes that fit all your accessories but may not be functional for all you hold in the room. You might need a bedside table to keep your tablets, charger, phone, water jug, etc. Choose a side table that matches your bed and blends with the room décor.

Use a nice couch or loveseat:

It would be extremely fashionable if you place a two-seater sofa or a couch in the master bedroom if space permits. The sofa set should either be of a similar shade to the rest of the furniture with matching pillows and cushions or a contrasting shade that feels like a focal point in the room. You can play with colours here and try to give vivid colours that make you feel fresh and energetic in the morning. Many might like subtle and neutral colours that give a classy look to the room. If you want a serene vibe, go in for pastel colours that give a warm feel.

Add floating shelves:

Floating shelves are one of the most intelligent innovations where you tend to feel stylish and, at the same time, enlarge your floor space. A pooja mandir could be set up on a small floating shelf in the room to perform your prayers in the morning. You could also use open wall shelves to display family photographs and scented candles that make you feel romantic.

Try using a nice memory foam mattress or dual-purpose mattress:

Choosing one of the best mattresses makes the bed feel uniform, thick and well supported. A memory foam mattress and a dual-purpose mattress are some of the latest innovations that help you feel soft and comfortable. The mattress allows you a good night’s sleep where you can cuddle with your partner along with the softness of the mattress.

Use fitted bed sheets, cotton comforters and AC blankets:

It feels extremely modern to use fitted bed sheets that feel just right for your mattress. These bed sheets are available in different sizes and styles. Choose a few that perfectly fits your room décor and curtains. Coming to cotton comforters, they are not only a modern type of bedsheet that helps you cover yourself while sleeping; they feel soft and comfy on the skin to give you the best feel while sleeping. You can also try a Dohar, urgent prayer requests,  which feels soft and velvety while sleeping.

Incorporate suitable pillows and cushions:

It is important to use suitable cushions and pillows that match your bed linen and furniture as they feel like the cherry on top of the cake. Flashy pillows and cushions feel trendy and modern. Make use of the colour concept while choosing pillows and cushions for your bedroom. You can also match your pillowcases with the curtains to display a uniform textured look. It could also be a distinctive variety of shades of the same colour that give you a predominant look.


It is easy to design a modern master bedroom by incorporating the factors that add grace and beauty to the room. Every small effort makes a big difference while designing a master bedroom. It could be from cushions, curtains and bed linen to wardrobes, beds and mattresses. Take time to understand and visualize what type of décor suits the bedroom and how lively it can look. You can also add a rustic theme to your bedroom makeover by going completely retro. This type of style comprises mainly brown and grey shades giving you a rustic and vintage feel. Whatever style you choose, make sure you do not compromise the comfort and quality of furniture at any cost.

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