The Ultimate save the Date Guide

When planning a wedding, you need to deal with a lot of things. This includes wedding dresses, cakes, venues and food. One task you’ll need to checklist early on is saving date cards. They inform guests in advance of the upcoming wedding before sending the actual wedding invitations. While there’s no need to send them if you don’t want them, there are some benefits to doing so that might make you want to reconsider. The save the date cards will give invitees time to work on their schedule, which increases the chances that most of them will show up on your big day. Here’s what you need to know before sending a save the date card.

List the names of the guests you want to invite

Before creating a save date, know the full names of the guests you want to invite. So, sit down with your fiancé and take a moment to choose who you want to share your big day with. You don’t want to miss anyone special to you because you want to spend that extraordinary moment with them. This also includes considering evening wedding invitations. Once you are 100% sure about your listing, you can start creating your save dates.

Choose materials and designs

The date you save can have the same material and design as your wedding invitation, or you can create a different date. It all depends on your preference. While some couples now email save the date magnet and wedding invitations, especially if you’re having an eco-friendly wedding, you may still want to consider sending printed ones. Email invitations can get lost in your inbox or spam folder, or even accidentally deleted. On the other hand, printed invitations bring a more personal touch, especially since a wedding is an intimate affair. Plus, they might protect it and it will remind you of your special day. If you’re looking for an elegant feel, remember to save the date. There are so many different designs out there and so many different companies offering luxury wedding cards. Also, getting save the date and wedding invitations from one service provider is more convenient because you won’t have to talk to different people and the design will have continuity.

Provide the details of the wedding

The next question is the information you need to store the date. First, of course, you and your partner’s names should be there, and there should be a phrase that could announce that you’re getting married, such as the date and location. Also, to avoid confusion, list the names of everyone you want to invite if you are sending them to your family. For example, if you list the names of your uncles, aunts, and children, you know that a family friend, neighbor, or girlfriend of one of your children should not catch up. Ideally, you should send the save date at least four to six months before your wedding. If you suddenly decide to change the date or location after sending your cards, let your invitees know as soon as possible by sending another set of updated cards. Formal wedding invitations should follow.

Should we include a way to reply to our save the date

While older RSVPs would ideally give you a head start in numbers, the program has the potential to backfire as too much buffer time can cause some guests to delay replies and forget altogether. So, at this point, a reply should not be expected – after all, this is the communication that gives the guest a chance to figure out what their reply will be when a formal invitation arrives.

Does save the date have to be a card?

Cards may be the most straightforward way, but wedding save the date really can be anything you want. You have tons of creative options: sticker magnets, custom comics, photos – even your favorite chocolate bars! Since many couples design their own save the dates, this is a great opportunity to showcase your personality and interests as a couple. Graphical electronic invitations are another option, but (as mentioned above) we recommend sending printed copies to your guests and loved ones who may wish to keep them as keepsakes.

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