The Sally Ride Quarter in the US Mint’s American Women Quarters program

In 2021, the US Mint came up with the American Women Quarters program. This program was nothing but a four-year program to celebrate the achievements of women in the past. While the program will feature 20 women, it will release some new designs by 2025. So, in this article, let’s check out more about the Sally Ride Quarter in the program.

With the Sally Ride Quarter in mind, one side of the coin will feature the picture of George Washington. Created by Laura Gardin Fraser, the coin will depict the portrait in remembrance of the US president’s 200th birthday. However, the picture will differ from the standard with the president’s face on the right-hand side. On the other hand, the converse side will depict the image of Sally Ride. As the side will exhibit the artwork, you will observe the woman standing near a space shuttle window. You will also observe the inscription “E PLURIBUS UNUM” on the side to indicate that Dr. Sally was the first lady to explore the space. Apart from everything else, the coins will weigh 5.670 g and be 1.75 mm thick. Such coins will also be made from a copper-nickel alloy and have 119 reeds along their edges.

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Why did the program think about Sally Ride for the quarter?

As the American Women Quarters Program values women, representing the portrait of eminent women will radiate a positive message. Moreover, when a little boy or girl is staring at the side of the coin, he or she can aspire to dream big. Hence, the program thought about featuring Sally Ride for the second quarter.

Born in the USA in 1951, Dr. Sally Side started her career in 1978. Later, she started working for NASA when the team sought women astronauts in 1977. As she paced ahead with her career, she was known to be the third woman to venture into space in 1983. Besides, Dr. Sally was also the youngest American astronaut when she was 29 years old. Later, the woman was actively involved in the Space Shuttle missions in 1983 and 1984. While Dr. Sally was aboard the space shuttle Challenger, her primary responsibility was to control the shuttle’s robotic arm. This duty helped to deploy many satellites into space.

As far as the Sally Ride Quarter release date is concerned, it is nothing but March 21, 2022. 

Soon after retiring from NASA, Sally and Tam O’Shaughnessy established Sally Ride Science’s venture. The main goal of establishing the experience was to encourage girls to study science and soar high in their careers. Even though Dr. Sally passed away in 2012, her career and teaching legacy will still inspire students to pursue education in the Science stream. They can also gain in-depth knowledge about science through Dr. Sally’s books, programs, and various festivals.

What are some of the aspects that make the artwork look great?

According to Tam O’Shaughnessy, the overall design on the coin reflects Sally’s determination and how she looks into the future. While her face brings hope to many in the US, she will inspire others to achieve something in their career. Subsequently, Tam, the educator and science writer, loved how the artist Elana Hagler depicted Sally near the window. The image shows how Dr. Sally used to think about the future when she had free time and wasn’t occupied with any work.

The American Women Quarters program will feature Dr. Sally Ride in the second quarter. Soon after the quarter’s release in May 2022, many people will observe coins with the portrait of Dr. Sally. As the team will circulate the second quarter, many people can check out the coin with the lady standing near a space shuttle’s window. The coin will also highlight the spirit of the first American lady to venture into space and her support for education in science. You must have come across many women with their contributions in different fields, but Dr. Sally Ride always deserves the honor.

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