The Need Of Biometric Authentication In Online Medical Records

Crimes in online medical records are continuously increasing. Where the facility of online medical records is introduced for the comfort of the patients and medical employees, the continuous increase of cyberattacks in healthcare is an alarming situation. Healthcare institutions suffer a lot from these digital attacks.

  • Reputation lost: They lose their reputation and the trust of the patients
  • Patient’s record lost: They lose the protected data and records of the patients
  • Company’s records lost: They lose their companies’ confidential records
  • Financial Lost: They lose the financial assets due to heavy fines being imposed on them

Biometric authentication can provide a constant solution to these emerging cyber risks. The installment of biometric technology can not only protect the user’s access to confidential records but can also reduce identity thieves from accessing free services.

Why Is Cyber Security So Important In The Healthcare Industry?

Cyber security is claimed to be the topmost concern reported by medical institutes. Information protection is a necessity in healthcare departments. The protection of healthcare records is critical for guarding the privacy of the patients. In the past two years, many patient records have been exposed. The question is why do hackers breach patients’ records? Criminals attack healthcare organizations, gain the access to private medical records of the patients and sell them to the black market. So the main reason why they attack medical institutes is financial motives. 

Protection Against Cyber Attacks In Healthcare Industry

Only a small percentage of medical institutions claim that they have installed and taken proper controls against cyber attacks. 43% of the healthcare institutions said that they have not developed any security protocol against these attacks or they have started a security control against these attacks, but it is the development process. The main reason why healthcare institutions have insufficient security measures taken against cyberattacks is the restricted funds they possess. They cannot afford to add any cybersecurity control in their system, which is where biometric verification comes in.

Biometric Authentication Process Helping Healthcare Industry In Threat Control

As mentioned above, hackers breach confidential patients’ records and sell them into the black market. Since the healthcare institutes don’t have any proper control installed in their network, system, or application, they suffer from the loss. Biometric identification can deal with this issue effortlessly.  

What is biometric authentication? Identifying the users and validating if they are what they are declaring themselves to be, is biometric authentication. Availing biometric services can:

  1. Biometric solutions Protecting against cyber attacks: Reduce the cost of installing protection against cyber threats and prevent the attacks from data breaches
  2. Reducing medical identity stealing with biometric services: Protect the system from identity thieves gaining free medical services and products

Biometric solutions in the healthcare industry will authenticate the users accessing the system and block malicious code injection into the system i.e. SQL injection.

A Brief Look Into Medical Identity Theft: How Biometric Verification Online Can Limit Their Access?

Stealing an identity of an authorized user and using it for their own agenda, is identity stealing. In healthcare companies, identity thieves gain illegal benefits with the stolen medical identity. Especially with an online medical facility, these freeloaders can gain free medical services without getting noticed. 

How does medical identity theft happen?

  1. The criminal got access to someone’s medical identity documents
  2. The patient gave the medical identity card intentionally to the family member
  3. Hacker attacked and stole someone’s medical identity information and used it for their benefits

Biometric identification online: The solution

If healthcare organizations introduce online biometric authentication on their digital medical services then any unauthorized person cannot gain access. Facial recognition can prove to be extremely beneficial in this regard. Biometric authentication on the login credential will ask the user to show the face. The user’s face can be scanned in real-time and the features can be recorded with 3D mapping. To control the spoofing attempts done by the medical identity forgers, the liveness detection of the users can be introduced which can prevent such activities.

Concluding Remarks On Biometric Authentication In Medical Organisations

  • Age-restricted products are being bought by underage people using someone else’s medical identity. Biometric solutions in healthcare can immediately detect unverified identities
  • Availing free medical services given to selected people, for example, old citizens, with medical identity stealing can be prevented. Biometric services can catch medical identity stealers in a matter of seconds
  • Preventing cyber attacking executed by the attachers with the aim of harming the organization. Biometric authentication can stop the unauthorized access of attackers into the system and reduce cyber risks