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The Kid and Pet-Friendly Everlasting Comfort Screen Door Magnet

We’ve all had one of those days, regardless of where you live. The sun is out and shining bright, the wind is blowing, and it’s the absolutely perfect temperature outside. So what do you do? You begin to open up all the windows, but it still isn’t enough. Instead, you head to your backdoor and open it up to let the air flow in. Within minutes, your house is filled with insects!

Or you’re having a cookout at your house with guests. People are going inside and outside over and over, opening the door and closing it. You’re in charge of the grill, and you’re about to put some burgers on, but your hands are dirty, and there’s no one in sight to open the door for you.

We all have those moments when you see a product that is so great, that you don’t know why it wasn’t thought of earlier! That’s how I felt when I came across the Everlasting Comfort door screen magnet.

What Is the Everlasting Comfort Door Screen Magnet?

It’s precisely what the name says it is, a screen with magnets for your door that lets fresh air in and won’t block your view! But it is so much more. The product claims to open and close like magic, and that’s precisely what it is. Pure magic! There is a middle seam down the middle of the door screen with 26 magnets that allows you to walk out the door hands-free. These aren’t just any magnets. These are powerful and work great. Then it magnetizes itself shut behind you automatically! What a game-changer for cookouts or playing games in the backyard.

The Everlasting Comfort door screen magnet fits doors up to 38”x82”, making it ready to go for almost any door (fixed, sliding, metal, and wood). The best part is you can install it yourself, so no need to call the handyman. They provide you with all of the parts and pieces you’ll need for installation too. If you ever need to remove the door screen, that process is straightforward as well! It is a frameless design, making storage a breeze.

What Makes The Everlasting Comfort Door Screen Magnet Different?

Unlike other brands, this screen door is made out of strong, heavy-duty magnetic mesh. This means it can withstand constant use while still looking great! Worried about pets scratching a hole or kids tearing the mesh? Don’t! This screen is built for longevity. The edges are even reinforced, creating an even more robust product. Similar products on the market use a thin mesh or screen, which can be torn quickly and easily.

The Everlasting Comfort door screen magnet is also safe for Fido and allows pets to run outside and back in, all while still closing up the screen behind them. The door screen is also great for outdoor cats!

Who Would This Door Screen Be Good For?

Just about anyone! People living in a home or apartment can easily install and remove this screen with no damage. This allows you to take it with you when you leave, too!

Also great for anyone who loves to open their windows in the cooler months, this is a great option to allow more fresh air in, without the pesky insects. Have a person who loves to grill? This is a great, hands-free option when they are walking inside and out with their hands full.

The Everlasting Comfort door screen magnet can also help you save on electricity costs. Instead of turning on a fan or the air conditioning, cool things off by opening the door instead!

What Are the Benefits of Getting Fresh Air?

Taking in fresh air has many benefits, for both people and animals alike!

Fresh air has been shown to help improve blood pressure and heart rate. It can also make you happier, as the more oxygen you breathe, the more your serotonin levels increase. (Serotonin is the happy hormone our body creates naturally). Fresh air can also help clean the lungs, relieve stress and anxiety, and increase energy! There are also benefits of fresh air for the digestive system, as fresh air increases the flow of oxygen, which makes your digestive system work more efficiently.

Pets can also benefit immensely by taking in the fresh air. Breathing fresh air gives them more energy and allows more oxygen to be sent to all parts of your pet’s body. Letting your cat or dog have the ability to go inside or outside freely will allow them the opportunity to take in these fresh air benefits.

Is The Everlasting Comfort Door Screen Magnet Worth It?

It’s a big yes for us! Even if only for the ease of keeping insects out and the fresh air in. But all of the added health benefits for people and animals take it over the top for us!

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