Sprouting is the easiest way to grow foods for yourself

Sprouted foods, such as almond sprouts, buckwheat sprouts, sunflower sprouts, and mung bean sprouts, are often very high in chlorophyll. In many plants, the highest levels of chlorophyll exist while the plant is in its youngest and most vital stages. Sprouted food is very helpful in the building of new cells, provides existing cells with additional oxygen, and helps rejuvenate the body.

Plants know that their seeds or seed-laden fruits will be eaten—in fact, they plan for it. All seeds, nuts, beans, and grains are coated with an enzyme inhibitor. This inhibitor is designed to protect a seed from the digestive system of animals. When eaten whole and raw, seeds can pass through an animal’s digestive system in their entirety and be planted in a pile of fertilizer to grow a new plant.

Chewing well is a great way to grind seeds. Sprouting, however, completely releases the enzyme inhibitor and also activates the seeds. Soaking a seed for fifteen minutes releases up to 50 percent of the enzyme inhibitors. The recommended soaking times listed in the chart here are the times required for the maximum release of enzyme inhibitors.

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The Benefit of Sprouts Sprouts are potential energy unleashed. The sprout is the youngest growth of a seed or nut, when the enzyme inhibitors have been released and the food has become enzyme rich. Sprouts, which are quite diverse, are abundant in chlorophyll, a very rich source of protein, and a high-energy food providing a wide range of nutrients.

Seasons of Fruit

Sprouted seeds also have more nutrition than their dry predecessors. Some types of sprouts have as much as five times their original nutritional value. A sprout is the baby plant, so it puts an enormous amount of energy into getting those first few leaves out. The sprouting cycle of a plant’s life is where it has the most concentrated nutrition.

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The equivalent in humans would be learning to walk or talk; for a sprout, it is creating a wide range of enzymes and vitamins and minerals to get a good start in life. The young sprouts and grasses contain the highest amount of chlorophyll that the plant will ever attain. Sprouts are very nutritious and have many rejuvenating benefits.

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