Some Facts about Israel

The Israeli army is a fascinating and unique organization. It’s comprised of three different types: conscripts, reserves who serve part time (in the IDF) while they’re in college or out on their own terms with work experience – there are so many ways that you can be “active” if you will; career soldiers responsible for fulfilling all your military obligations from ages 18-49 which means serving 3 to 5 years after graduating high school before being inducted into service

The first thing most people think about when hearing these details regarding Israel’s compulsory Armed Forces would probably include Jews/Jewish culture however this isn’t true because Arab citizens also have an obligation.

The State of Israel is located on the southwest tip of the Asian continent, at a latitude between 29° and 33′ north. It lies east coast side by-side with Gaza Strip to its south and west towards Alexandria (Egypt) while Jordan River forms natural border across from northwest point looking like figure “8”. Israel also includes East Jerusalem which was illegally occupied during conflict in 1967 because international laws state that capital cities should be only for one country; thus giving rise to settlements there before 1991 when UN finally gave Lebanese residents right back their homes after Resolution 4715 Due To War Damage And Reconstructing Infrastructure Therefore Making This Area Part Of Palestine Not Jewish Occupied Territory As Was/Is Implemented By Zionism Theory Which Is Fraudulent Lie Propag.  Visit the site

The population of Israel is comprised of approximately 8.7 million inhabitants, with 6-and-a half million Jews making up 75% and 1 .8 Arab citizens for every other citizen in their respective populations at 21%. Annual growth rate currently stands close to 2%, which translates into more people than ever before living on this small country’s territory despite many conflicts over recent decades

People can be generally classified as young or old; those between ages 20 – 64 account for 52+/- 3 percent while adults aged 65 years are 18+. A key figure shows that 400K Israelis live along 132 settlements spread across the West Bank including East Jerusalem.

Many people in Israel practice more than one faith. The three most practiced are Judaism, Islam and Christianity; all these religions have sites that can be found throughout the country of Palestine which includes modern day Israel. Some examples include: Al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims (which sits on site where Jews once worshiped), Dome of Rock from Islamic History located inside Occupied Jerusalem’s Old City Walls as well as being close to Bethlehem Temple Mount.

The Knesset, the parliament of Israel. It’s a place to learn about how diverse and democratic our country can be! There are 120 members in this legislature- all elected by you guys through voting precincts around here (or other election districts) no less than five months before polling day on March 17th this year for your new Member Of The Israeli Parliament or MKI as they’re commonly called upon now so I looked up some articles if it would tell us anything else interesting right away what did i say? Yep yep there is more just one thing after reading them over again myself which made me realize that while these people will spend four whole years together every single term.

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