Six Jewellery pieces to accessories with your Kurti

Kurti is one of the most loved and comfortable ethnic wear among all be it any age group. It is a versatile clothing piece that fits all and every occasion. You wouldn’t find any woman wardrobe without the addition of a Kurti style. When it is loved so much, the jewellery has to be unique and special to complete the overall look. Whether it is the real diamond ring to make a statement style with Kurti or it is about pairing Melorra gold bracelets with an embellished Kurti for the function, there are some jewellery pieces that will always complement the Kurti outfit and make them look even more beautiful. Here are the details:

Classic Jumkas:

This traditional piece instantly adds a gorgeous touch to any ethnic outfit. Whether it is full golden Jumkas or a mix of gold and diamond, its shape and style are such that it instantly adds that graceful charm to the look. Just pair the right Jumkas to the Kurti and you don’t need any other jewellery to glam the outfit.

Diamond Studs:

If you are confused about what jewellery to pair with Kurti, studs are always a safe option. They are small, cute, classic, and throw an elegant vibe no other earrings can ever have. Thus, if you want to look pretty, stylish, and cute, just wear your gold or diamond studs and let the stud do its magic!

Bangle bracelets:

However, this piece is underrated, whether it is in chain form or solid bracelet design or because of the twist in designs, it has also available in stack form, a bangle bracelet instantly uplifts a simple Kurti outfit. You don’t need any heavy-looking bangle bracelet to do its magic, but the intricate designs are sufficient to add its charisma. 

Intricate pendants:

A small pendant available in many designs and shapes is one of the easy-to-wear and most preferred jewellery pieces. Whether it is formal wear, casual or semi-formal outfit, this little jewellery piece graciously enhances the neck area and the overall appearance. 

Statement Ring:

This list is incomplete if the statement ring is not included. If you want one jewellery item that is enough to complete the look without making it look overboard, it has to be a statement ring. Available in gold metal or with stones or diamonds, this piece of jewellery has the power to make a bold statement without making it look gaudy or heavy. Easy to slide in the fingers, such a piece would be ideal for anyone and everyone, even those who aren’t very fashionista. 

Hoop earrings:

The trendiest earrings of all, hoop or loop earrings, can fit with any type of outfit. Whether you wish to enhance your ethnic vibe or bring about a modern twist to your western outfit, it is the best earrings to pair it with. They are elegant, dangling, and are best suited for informal occasions and events. Thus, pair it with your embellished or simple Kurti and let it outshine your personality. 

So, ladies, here are 6 types of jewellery pieces you can wear with your Kurti on different occasions to sparkle your personality and appearance. See the pieces which are missing in your jewellery collection and let your elegant vibe shine.