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Should You Work With an AirBNB Property Management Company?

Running an AirBNB can be a nice way of earning some extra funds from your spare room or that condo you haven’t gotten around to selling yet. Many small-scale AirBNB owners find they enjoy the business and they start looking to other options, scaling their operation by investing in more properties to use for AirBNB. If you’re a Gold Coast property owner who is considering expanding to run multiple AirBNBs, you may be wondering whether it’s worth working with a property management company to streamline your operations.

Many people do work with property managers, because they save them time and help them present a more professional image to their guests. Let’s explore some of the ways property managers can help you grow your AirBNB business.

1. Property Managers Take The Hassle Out of Dealing With Guests

When you’re dealing with one guest it’s easy enough to manage check-ins, key handovers, answer messages and make sure the guests are taken care of. If you have multiple properties, the workload may be took much for you to handle, especially if AirBNB isn’t your full-time job. Working with a dedicated property manager can make life a lot easier for you.

2. Property Managers Take Care of Cleaning and Maintenance

Some property owners don’t live near the properties they rent out. This can make cleaning between guest stays difficult. Your property management company can arrange for professional cleaners to come and take care of the house or apartment for you, saving you time and helping you get ready for the next guest.

3. You Can Go On Holiday Without it Interfering With Bookings

Being a small business owner is supposed to increase your freedom, not hamper it. If you have someone managing your properties for you, it’s easier to go on holiday or otherwise book up your time as you see fit. There’s no need to worry about taking down the listing if you’ll be out of town or unreachable for a while because it’s all taken care of.

4. They’ll Take Care of Marketing For You

If you’re not good at writing listings, taking photos, or even deciding on pricing, why not let someone else do that for you? Expert property managers know what tourists coming to the Gold Coast are looking for, and can help you stage the house and advertise the listing so you get more bookings.

5. You’ve Got an Expert To Help If Things Go Wrong

Even the best house maintained by the most friendly and accommodating host will occasionally get a complaint or a dispute raised. Sometimes things really have gone wrong for the guest. Sometimes, the guest themselves is the issue and they’ll lie to try to get their money back. This is the side of AirBNB that puts some people off being hosts. A professional property manager can shield you from those complaints.

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