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Shine like a diamond: The ultimate guide to a diamond facial at home

A diamond is a girl’s best friend, they say. And rightly so, the bright gemstone has a rich look of its own, something women are proud to adorn. But why stop at jewellery? What if you could get a diamond-like radiance on your face?

Lotus Herbals has cracked the code to get a diamond-like glow and radiance on the face with the best facial kit for women. *Drumrolls* It’s the Lotus Herbals diamond facial kit!

The Radiant Diamond Cellular Radiance Salon Grade 4 Facial Kit is the perfect combination of natural and organic ingredients that help exfoliate the skin, remove all impurities, dead skin, excess oil and dirt that block the pores, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin and brings a radiance on the face.

Before we look at the benefits of its ingredients, let’s take a look at the help of a diamond facial kit:

  1. Exfoliation: Diamond dust is an excellent exfoliating agent, and it boosts cell regeneration by removing dead cells to reveal glowing skin beneath. Diamond facial kits help remove impurities from the skin, improves the skin texture and brings a glow on the face.’
  2. Treats skin concerns: Apart from making your skin look radiant, a diamond facial is your one-stop solution to severe tanning, pigmentation on the face, and pesky whiteheads and blackheads! This is the best facial kit for women with oily, acne-prone skin as it reduces black and whiteheads and the appearance of acne and blemishes. Controls acne: If you’re suffering from acne or any other form of breakouts, a diamond facial is your skincare best friend. It helps unclog the clogged pores due to the pollution and dirt we expose ourselves to. By deep cleaning the pores, a diamond facial keeps acne at bay and gives you squeaky clean, acne-free skin.
  3. Firms your skin: A diamond facial is primarily the best anti-ageing procedure for those who are on the constant lookout for anti-ageing skincare additions. And the best part about this is you can pamper your skin for anti-ageing right from the comfort of your home! Diamond dust helps make up for the lost elasticity and collagen of the skin, making it look firmer and younger in appearance. It also helps improve the elasticity of the skin without the hassle of multiple products and procedures.
  4. Skin detox:  For someone who has to travel often due to work, skin damage due to exposure to sun  and pollution is very common. A diamond facial kit will reverse all the damage caused to your skin and ensure that all the dust and grime are removed from your face with its power of thorough cleansing.

With a diamond facial, you’ll also get the benefit of squeaky clean pores that were once clogged, helping you get rid of acne.

Improves absorption power of the skin: A diamond facial makes your skin more receptive to the skincare regime and products involved. Most of the time, it so happens that when your skin isn’t clean, and your pores are clogged, the products you use show minimum to no effects. This is because they are unable to penetrate deep into your skin. A diamond facial will help you eliminate this issue by increasing your skin’s permeability and improving its absorption power. This makes diamond facials an essential addition to skincare.

The Radiant Diamond Cellular Radiance Salon Grade 4 Facial Kit is enriched with the power of diamond dust and Cinnamon. And the best part of the diamond facial kit price is that it is effective yet affordable!

While diamond dust is the by-product of diamonds, they are the hardest of all gems and make for excellent exfoliators when ground into fine dust. Diamond dust helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production as well. The diamond particles that are  present in the facial kit helps reduce the effects of sun damage, hydrates and provides deep nourishment to the skin.

Conversely, Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and packed with the benefit of plant compounds. It has always been everyone’s favorite natural skincare ingredient as it helps treat acne, reduce the signs of ageing, deal with hyperpigmentation, and enhance your skin’s overall complexion.

One mystery remains unsolved, though. How to get a salon and spa at home?

Follow these four steps, and voila! You have a salon-like radiance and glow right at home!

Step 1: Take the Radiant Diamond Exfoliating Cleanser on your fingertips and gently exfoliate your face and neck using circular motions.

Step 2: Follow up with 5 to 7 drops of Radiant Diamond Activator on your fingertips. Run in the activator with gentle circular motions into the skin.

Step 3: Use a pea-sized amount of the Radiant Diamond Massage Crème to rejuvenate your skin cells for a good 10-15 minutes for deep-skin nourishment.

Step 4: Make use of Radiant Diamond Mask and allow it to stay on your face for 10 minutes.

Shining like a diamond is no longer difficult when you have us to help you out. You can find the Lotus Herbals diamond facial kit and a wide range of other skincare products you won’t miss out on with Lotus Herbals online shopping.

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