Restaurant Check Presenter – A Strong Statement to Welcome Your Guests

When it comes to Restaurants, wine and dine ventures or any other type of human-based services, it is important that you finish just as strong as you started. While taking time to shop for the best furniture and colors to set the right tempo, there are minute details that, if overlooked, can leave you feeling flushed and embarrassed.

In the Hospitality Industry, the quality of services rendered is important for the growth of the business. While the products should leave the customer dropping heartwarming reviews on your website, the ambiance of your restaurant should “speak” to the customer from the minute they start interacting with your product or services till the moment they leave.

There are many ways to “speak” to your customer, telling them that you care about their feelings, needs, and wants. Even though it is majorly overlooked, one major way you can do this is with a Check Presenter.

The check presenter is a folder that waiters and waitresses use to deliver checks/bills to customers, who in turn review the bill and then enclose cash or a credit card back to the waiter. The Restaurant Check presenter is called various names by online distributors. It is called a Guest Check Presenter or a Guest Check Holder, Bill presenter folder, Check presentation Cover, or a simple Check Holder.

Check presenters are made from different materials such as leather and plastic and are available in different shapes and styles. The Check presenter is a simple, convenient, and polite way of conveying your customer’s bill to them. While these check presenters help you keep your bills neat and clean, here are five ways this check presenter leave an impression on your customers

1. Effective Presentation:

Check presenters keep the bills clean and help give an overall perspective to the consumer about your venture. Walking around with a bill or bills in your hands does not describe the theme and ambiance of your restaurant.

Check Presenters are such a closing statement; the customer walks in, experiences your product/services, and thinks about his return in style

2. Safe Keeping

Check Presenters are a great way of telling your customers that you care for their safety. These unseeming items help conceal your customers’ information when paying for services. When using their credit cards, they would feel at ease knowing that their information is secure. Without a Check presenter, details and bills can get mixed up, especially when a lot of paperwork is being handled and processed at the same time.

3. Expresses your style

A check presenter can serve as the finishing touch as they come in various forms, styles, and shapes. A check presenter can be used to express the theme of your restaurant and hotel consistently. Check presenters can be made to meet your specific requirements and can be made to match your menu covers, menu holders, and other hotel and restaurant accessories. This helps leave a consistent feel to your venture.

Check Presenters are aesthetically pleasing; they are also used to increase brand awareness by having your company’s logo, custom-themed messages, fonts, and color.


There are various Check presenter styles available. Regardless of the style being used, a Check presenter adds a luxurious feel to any business.

  • Two-Fold Check Presenter Style:

The two-fold design is the standard design of the guest check holder and is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and custom messages. The two-fold style is popularly seen in black, brown, and red. These types of check Presenters come with various ornaments such as pockets, clips, and folds that help keep the check in place.

  • Clip Board Check Presenter Style:

The clipboard is a simple Check presenter that involves bringing the check on a board with a band at the top. This check presenter style mimics the classic look of a clipboard. This headboard check presenter secures checks with a band instead of a clip.

  • Wood Block Check Presenter Style:

The wooden block check presenter style is a more modern and sophisticated way of handing checks to customers. This check presenter style involves the waiter or waitress delivering this check with a pen, the bill, and the method of payment indented.


A Customer’s experience at a restaurant or bar is impacted at every point it meets your service or product. While a lot of attention is focused on making a good impression in the beginning by choosing the right furniture, building a magnificent and detailed Menu to serve the tastiest dishes is also essential. It is just as important to close this experience with a good last impression.

The Guest Check Presenter does not just add a luxurious feel to your restaurants but also makes your customer feel that their comfort and safety is your priority. Adding your custom-themed thank you message on your Check Presenter holder might just be the cherry on the top, making your customer pledge their loyalty to your services on a platter.

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