Practical Tips To Make Your Online Classroom More Productive

Virtual schools and online class for students have been part of your school life for some time. However, online classroom etiquette is quite different from physical school. Read on to learn valuable tips to make your online classroom teaching more professional and productive.

Don’t Touch The Keyboard

Your typing noise can be distracting, whether taking notes or chatting with your best friend. Your laptop’s microphone is just inches from your keyboard, so it’s is distracting others in the meeting. You can either invest in a high-quality headset or grab a notebook, pencil, or pen to take notes.

Take Note Of Your Environment

If you have a stack of dirty clothes behind you, your fellow students won’t take you seriously. Bad lighting can also make it look like you are working from a cave. Your workspace should be oriented to face a window or have plenty of natural light. Make sure that your background is professional.

When You Aren’t Talking, Turn Off Your Microphone

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the alien echo noises from conflicting microphones. Join the meeting on mute to save everyone from this ear-splitting madness! Your house will probably be noisy unless you live alone. If you aren’t speaking, you can turn off your microphone if you aren’t speaking to allow other participants to speak and give their opinions without being distracted or frustrated.

Speak Up

Don’t be afraid of expressing your opinions! Friends and teachers will be grateful to you for being able to communicate with them without straining their ears or turning up the volume.

No Food During Online School

The online school requires that you refrain from eating snacks. While discussing assignments, no one wants you to eat chips. It’s distracting for others, and you won’t focus on the task at hand because you worry about dropping crumbs on your keyboard.

Keep Seated, And Be Present

You might be tempted to check your email or conversation with someone else during boring moments. Instead, use your webcam to be attentive. Sit straight and make no extraneous movements.

Complete All Assignments

Online classrooms can be frustrating. However, you can show respect to your teachers by completing all assignments on time.

Test Equipment

Make sure that you are connected to the platform, even if it says so. Before online school begins, make sure you test your audio and video. You might need to allow more time if you have an urgent update or something that needs downloading.

Choose A Quiet Location

It is easy to forget that a microphone picks up your voice. However, if you eat/chew something, it will be heard. You should wait until the meeting ends. Ambient sounds can be heard on your computer microphone.


It takes discipline to excel in the online classroom learning style. You need to be intentional about excelling in online classes. Try out the tips mentioned above in this article to ensure productivity and effective learning in your online class.