Popular Sports To Watch At Ground With Family

People nowadays are engaged in various outdoor activities and are more indulged into the world of sports significantly. So, here we are to discuss some popular sports to watch at the ground and 토토사이트, and to feel the adventurous journey of a match.

  1. Soccer(Football)

The gameSoccer, also known as Football, is the most well known sport with a number of almost 4billions of fans. The game is usually played in a huge, open field and has bunches of 11 top quality players in each team from different countries around the world. Watching football matches at the ground is highly interesting because each team plays with a unique style. Moreover, compared to other sports, football is extremely inexpensive for both players and spectators. Hence, spectators can simply buy a ticket to watch a football match in the ground. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your favourite team scoring.

  1. Cricket

Cricket is the most admired sport for a fan of 2.5 billions in number. The sport is being played in a rectangular 22-yard vast open field with 11 players in each team. Both of the teams compete to take turns for batting in an attempt to score runs. This turn is known as the innings. It has the second most global fan base to enjoy and watch it at the ground and the popularity has increased consistently particularly in countries like Australia,South Africa, England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and so on.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is a well played sport on both ice and particularly in the field of Asia, Africa and Australia. Hockey boasts of having 2 billions of fans who enjoy watching hockey matches on the ground as the team competes to put a ball in the opponent team’s net.

  1. Tennis

Tennis has an estimated fan base of 1 billion which has been recognised globally as the most watched sport for years. Tennis became more interesting as it is not played in a team, where each player uses rackets in the Olympics show.

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  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is the fifth most popular sport to watch at the ground with almost 900 millions of fan. Although volleyball isn’t the leading sport of any country, it is the most watched popular Olympic sport and has been selected as the official summer Olympic game since 1994.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is a prevalent choice of sport to watch with a fan base of 500 million. Baseball includes bat and ball played between two teams where each team has 9 players trying to hit balls using a bat between two white lines. The batters score points (runs) around a series of four bases. Baseball is pretty popular in the USA, Latin America and in East Asia.

  1. Golf

Around 450 million fans enjoy watching this famous sport named as Golf. The origin of this game is from Scotland in the early 15th century and is now well popular in East Asia, North America and in Western Europe. Golf involves a small ball where the player constantly tries to put it in a hole with the fewest strokes.

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Precipitating in sports keeps a player healthy and fit, whereas sports are being popular for the spectator as well. Going into a stadium and watching your favourite match may bring a chill of thrill and excitement with a rush of adrenaline at every moment.

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