Pokémon Go Spoofing App

A Pokémon Go Spoofing App is an app that lets you change your location. It works by allowing you to enter exact coordinates, such as ZIP codes, and even to change the altitude. It also allows you to tweak GPS settings to make your location appear more accurate, such as reducing the update interval and reducing the altitude. Mock locations are also available, which make it easy to spoof your location in Pokémon GO.

Change My Location

To change your location in Pokémon GO, the first thing you need to do is enable developer mode on your device. Then, go to settings > privacy> location and enable the Mock Location option. Depending on the settings you need to change, you can enter precise coordinates and ZIP code. Then, tweak the GPS settings to increase accuracy, reduce altitude, and set update interval. Another great feature of this app is movement simulation, which randomly changes your location while you hunt Pokémon. It can also be used to bookmark locations or install the Android Debug Bridge for extra accuracy.

There are a few other methods to change location. One option is to download a paid app called iTools. It is designed by ThinkSky and requires a computer to operate. This app offers all the features that paid Pokémon Go spoofing apps do. The best part is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to use this app. It works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Aside from changing your location in Pokemon Go, it also supports ads and in-app purchases.

MXCode Fakeloc

The MXCode Fakeloc Pokémon Go spoofing app works by faking the location of players. You must have an iOS device with a non-jailbroken OS. Then, download the MXCode Fakeloc app from any third-party AppStore. Then, install the Fakeloc app and follow the on-screen instructions.

To install the MXCode Fakeloc app on your iPhone, you need to download it from the internet. Once you have done that, you can install the app from the Apple Store or iDroid app stores. You need to uninstall Pokémon go from your iPhone first. Once the Fakeloc  app has been installed, you can launch it by trusting the developer profile.

The MXCode Fakeloc app is also suitable for Pokémon Go location spoofing. It has a joystick and teleportation functionality that makes it possible to use the app without having to jailbreak your phone. It is free to download and you can get it from the official website of TenorShare. If you are not able to jailbreak your iPhone, you can use the app with the MXCode Fakeloc.

Fake GPS 360

You can easily spoof your current location by installing this app. It works by changing your GPS location to a different location all around the world. You can even customize the speed with which you move to change the location. This app is free to download and use and has over 5 million downloads. It is very easy to use and is very user-friendly. You can use it to change your location while walking, driving, or even when using your device.

The Fake GPS Location app works just like a VPN for your location. It offers you a variety of locations that are near your real location. Some games and apps will block your account if they detect that you are using a fake location. You need to be careful and use this app wisely. It is prohibited to use this application illegally and can get you banned. But if you’re concerned about your privacy, you can always install a VPN to hide your real location.


If you’ve ever wanted to cheat at Pokémon Go without losing your progress, iTools is the tool for you. This app is an alternative to the iTunes app. The app works by changing your iPhone’s location. You can spoof your current location or move anywhere on the planet. This application can even make your iPhone behave like it’s in a different place at all times.

Last Words:

iTools is the most widely used GPS location spoofing tool for Pokémon Go. With its virtual location feature, you can fake your location in Pokémon Go and catch Pokeballs and eggs, without letting the game know where you are. You can even make multiple accounts using the app. Unlike the previous apps, iTools is completely free and available for iOS users. While iTools may not be as widely used as other spoofing tools, it is the best choice for iOS users.