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Pocket Squares: Are They Worth It?

What Is A Pocket Square?

A face-wiping cloth was initially carried by men in their trouser pockets but was subsequently taken over by men’s shirts in their breast pockets because pants also need to keep the bills and coins. Men’s Pocket square looks very attractive.

As soon as handkerchiefs were placed in suit breast pockets, they began to be used as a fashion accessory. Today, we use disposable facial tissues for obvious hygiene reasons, but pocket squares are still an essential part of formal men’s suiting attire, especially in formal settings.

Men’s Pocket Square Speaks Volumes!

When it comes to men’s pocket squares, they speak volumes. When you wear one, you show the world that you are a confident man who understands personal style and, above all, that you pay attention to the details. As a sign of sophistication, a pop of colour or pattern in your jacket pocket instantly upgrades any outfit. To get started, grab a square and start experimenting with different folds and colours to see what you like best.

Is A Pocket Square A Good Match For Weddings?

Due to their formal nature, pocket squares are ideal for every occasion including weddings. You can wear a pocket square with a suit or tuxedo! If guests are wearing formal attire, they will also wear pocket squares. It can be anything from a sports coat to a tuxedo.

What’s The Point Of Matching Your Pocket Square?

Colours in the tie and shirt should be similar, but not identical. Complements are preferred over direct matches. Pocket squares are all about fashion, so if they’re too matching, they’ll look tacky. A white silk pocket square can help you decide which material you prefer. A navy suit calls for a blue pocket square. One of the most versatile suits is a navy suit, along with the classic black. For navy suits, it’s best to choose a pocket square that complements the suit. Your Navy suit will look best with reds, yellows, blues, and browns. Reds can be solid or just a splash of colour. As an alternative, a solid red pocket square with white designs would look nice. With this suit, you could also go for a deeper shade of red.

When choosing a yellow pocket square, opt for a pale and pastel shade, as a bright yellow pocket square may be too overwhelming depending on the pattern. When paired with navy, a pale yellow pocket square with light blue accents would look great.

Other shades of blue work well with a navy suit, as well. It’s best to go with a light blue or a blue with enough pattern to match the suit’s colour scheme. Do not overdo the navy, however. In a navy suit, brown pocket squares are one of the most unexpected colours, but they look both classy and casual when combined. What your suit really needs is some lighter and darker shades of brown.


Pocket squares are more than just a way to fill up your breast pocket with a decorative item. They have the strength to make or break an outfit. An eye-catching pocket square will make you stand out from the crowd. All of it will be worth it, whether you go for the more traditional colours like white and black silk or if you want something more personal to just you and get a fantastic design. In addition to showing off your fashion sense, a pocket square should be more than just a solid colour.