Overview of the content industry in 2022 Webtoons beat Japanese Manga

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Japan has long prided itself on being a manga powerhouse, but fierce competition from foreign rivals has left the industry at a crossroads.

The growing popularity of Korean online manhwa (webtoons) is gradually masking the presence of manga in the world. Over the years, Korean webtoons have begun to enter the Japanese market, where young readers are increasingly accustomed to using technology devices and gradually forgetting about traditional printed manga publications. This situation is raising the question of whether Japanese manga publishers, which have long invested in research and development of publications, should turn to webtoons to increase access to technology-savvy foreign readers.

Manga magazine sales in Japan have been declining for some time. We do not know how much the domestic market for manga publishing will fall. Japanese publishers are considering this at a point they can no longer be ignored by digital and global readers.

Unlike Japanese manga, which is sold only in print form and is only promoted online through apps, Korean webtoon was created to serve users of electronic devices, with designs designed optimized for personal computers or mobile phones. Usually, webtoon readers only need to swipe along the computer or phone screen to see the colorful pages, in stark contrast to traditional manga, which is usually only black and white and is read horizontally. And when they were released on popular manga apps in Japan, Korean webtoons immediately caught the attention of young readers. The most renowned of which is the manhwa webtoons “True Beauty” and “Lookism.” Both are the webtoons with the most readers in the Land of the Rising Sun during the last six months.

The popularity of the Korean webtoon on Japanese manga apps is not only due to its good translation, but it is also meticulously localized for Japanese readers. Accordingly, names, places, and proper nouns are all “Japaneseized.” Even the original artwork may be changed to fit Japanese culture. Not only that, but the webtoons are available in a variety of languages, including English. Because Japanese readers typically respond strongly to comic books from outside, the utilization of information technology combined with the dominance of the Internet is a highly essential marketing approach for Korean manhwa webtoons when entering the Japanese market. “Why are there Korean characters?” or “Why do we have to read Korean comics?” several people wondered.

Japan is not only contending with the Korean webtoon tsunami, but also with the Chinese webtoon wave. China has released a popular comic application called Kuaikan Manhua to cater to the tastes of readers. This program is making manga publishing harder and turning online into a fight.

Not only globally but also domestically, more and more young Japanese people are turning away from manga and using smartphones to pass the time. If Japanese publishers focus on the print manga culture until it entirely vanishes, they will lose their competitiveness.

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