Non-Invasive Ways to Generate Leads on LinkedIn

As a business, you have lots of different platforms these days to generate leads, communicate with your audience, and get exposure. Therefore, it’s disappointing when brands stick religiously to Facebook and Instagram. Did you know that you can also generate leads on LinkedIn? Especially as a B2B enterprise, you can establish your business as a thought leader and encourage new leads to do business with you.

If you’re like most businesses, you find that cold calling is now too intrusive for the modern consumer. Also, your budget might not stretch to ads on LinkedIn since you already advertise on other social and search channels. So, what do you do?

Make Connections

Although it’s time-consuming, one of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn this year is to connect with people. After the pandemic, you have even more opportunities to connect because your customers struggled through the many lockdowns and closures just as much as you did.

Even if you think that your diary doesn’t allow for this, just set aside five minutes every day to connect. Look at the ‘People You May Know’ section and connect – like and comments on posts too. Expand your network and get more people looking at your own page and content.

Follow Existing Clients

If you aren’t already following your existing clients, you’re going wrong. Follow your current customers and encourage them to follow you back. Over time, your clients are likely to share your content with others who could benefit from your help. Additionally, following existing clients allows you to monitor their page and learn more about what they need.

Post Updates

Compared to other social platforms, most google ads management businesses don’t see posting as important. While they will post daily to Instagram, they struggle to find the effort to post monthly on LinkedIn. Small daily updates will generate some interest around your brand – this update could be as simple as a link to an article that you found interesting.

Why is this important? Because allows your business an opportunity to appear on the feeds of all your connections once a day. If you’re to get this right, choose to add value and show your expertise rather than trying to sell products. All your connections see your frequent posts and you become a leader in the field. If you aren’t posting, your name will never appear in the feeds of your connections and you’re relying on them to seek you out.

Partake in Groups

Furthermore, the best LinkedIn strategies involve joining groups because this will allow you to connect with others in the same group. Like posting updates, this is an organic way to connect with people rather than forcing relationships. Once again, your aim should be to add value to other people and share interesting links/articles rather than constantly selling.

Invest Slowly

If you’re spending three hours each day on LinkedIn, you’re doing it wrong. LinkedIn is a slow-burner and one that will take small investments every day. Spend no more than 20 minutes on LinkedIn as you post, connect with new people, and engage with groups. Over time, this will eventually pay off.

Choose a Digital Agency

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