NBA 2K22 Featured Sideline Report: Build Your Own MyTeam

NBA 2K officially released the featured sideline report of NBA 2K22, introducing the “innovation focus” of the game. The following is the original text of the official sideline report.

On field game experience

Improve the game experience on the key field, so that players can not only better control the scoring method, but also better fight at the defensive end and earn more NBA 2K22 MT. This is only the first step. With the announcement of the actual game experience of the first NBA 2k22 in August, more major changes will be introduced one after another.

Attack – dribble through the defender with a new signature action and combination action; Precise jump shot, mobile dunk and air relay are more closely connected with skills. Basketball IQ and skills will play a more important role in distinguishing top offensive players.

Defense – in the new defense means called at will, the comprehensively reformed interference shooting and blocking system is particularly prominent. The tight defense of the outer line and restricted area will bring unprecedented rich returns, so that elite defenders have the ability to really change the results of the game.

Competition season

After the game is released, players’ favorite season mechanism can greatly extend and enhance the game experience. This mechanism will appear in 2K22 MyTEAM, brilliant career and women’s basketball career [Playstation ® 5 / Xbox series x|s] mode is free for all players, bringing more exciting content, more generous gifts and more game modes and 2K22 MT earning methods. In this year’s works, the season will bring a new way to play, so that everyone can play in the city of basketball [ps5] ™/ Xbs] and block [Playstation] ® 4 / upgrade self created players and get generous gifts in Xbox one / Nintendo switch / PC].


NBA 2K22 MyTEAM has been fully evolved, and players can get the ultimate experience of MyTEAM construction and competition on the first day. But that’s not all. As each season unfolds, MyTEAM will continue to develop.

MyTEAM: draft – NBA 2k22 rejoins the popular dream team: draft, players can choose a complete lineup in the constantly updated player pool. Compete with your new lineup in an online game against people to get a dream team collection award.

Experience the evolution of the dream team – throughout the year of NBA 2K22, new challenges, NBA MT, rewards and activities will make each season of MyTEAM novel and unique. In addition to many new features launched in the dream team, more content will be added throughout the year, including the new original game mode in the holiday season.

Cross generational progress and collection – although NBA 2K22 has brought completely different game experiences on the consoles of the two generations, the game progress and collection of the dream team can still be transferred in the consoles of the same series [i.e. Playstation Ⓡ 4 to Playstation Ⓡ 5, Xbox one to Xbox series X | s – and vice versa]. Virtual currency wallet, fantasy team points and fantasy team token balance can also be transferred in the host of the same series.

New Basketball City [ps5 / Xbs] and new block [PS4 / xb1 / NSW / PC]

In NBA 2K22, the world’s largest basketball online community has ushered in two completely different changes. 2K22 ps5 and Xbox series x|s players will enter a new basketball city to experience basketball life, while 2K22 PS4 MT Coins, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PC players will set sail. Create the strongest self created player and show your true self through competition and style in each unique online experience.

Incomparably fresh Basketball City [ps5 / Xbs] – step into a new basketball city full of vitality, activities and interaction. All kinds of NPCs will appear in the new basketball city. Self created players from all over the world will fight in the highest Hall of the street court. The newly planned ps5 and Xbox series x|s basketball communities have added a new task system of 2K22 to better combine self-made players with creative content, and provide a new way to improve levels and obtain rewards. Basketball City has opened up newer and faster ways to quickly enter the online basketball world. Self created players can choose the paired buildings placed and start the game immediately. Multiple game types can support matching function and affect the progress of all self created players.

Board 2K cruise ship [PS4 / xb1 / NSW / PC] – on PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PC platforms, NBA 2K players will be in a new exclusive basketball community and compete – this community is on the vast deck of a giant cruise ship. Explore and compete in this luxurious palace on the sea. In each season, the cruise ship will stop at various ports full of exotic customs. At this time, you can take a small trip and participate in coastal activities – all outside the ship!

Brilliant career

In the ps5 and Xbox series x|s version of NBA 2k22, the brilliant career and the new basketball city are completely integrated in the breakthrough narrative experience of NBA 2K series. Start your life journey towards professional players, full of brilliant careers in various branches – explore the city of basketball, meet new and old faces, and hit the basketball peak that people yearn for all the way. PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PC players will fully experience the new 2k22 narrative technique in their exclusive traditional brilliant career experience.

Basketball League / women’s Basketball League [ps5 / Xbs]

In NBA 2k22, team management involves not only players on the court, but also scouts, trainers, coaches and other staff. Basketball League / women’s basketball league players need to establish an employee team matching the strength of the team, so as to create an invincible king. More details on the improvement and expansion of the basketball league / women’s Basketball League will be made public in early September.

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