“Moon Princess” slot introduction & how to play this game

The famous online casino slot “Moon Princess” at Vera John Casino is a video slot evolved through Playn’Go. Moon Princess is a popular video slot circulating for more than two years since its launch. You can read this assessment and find out why it is so famous through gambling.

One of its recognitions is the distinctive friendly layout, which has a mysterious female motif and is reminiscent of a famous female anime. Will you be guided through the Moon gently and will be seen often? The legs peeking through the miniskirt are slender and long, proud of the protection of the iron wall that you will not see in any way no matter what you decide.

A video slot where three Moon Princesses slot ムーンプリンセススロット show their special abilities one after another and contribute to victory, and just watching the activities of Moon Princess is fun and not dull. Moon Princess is a popular video slot with a cute face because it has explosive power and directing. As for the game’s content, there is no concept of payline, and there are slightly unusual rules and game characteristics that include falling object puzzles and falling game elements. In this article, you will show how to play Moon Princess.

At Vera John Casino, you can play Moon Princess ムーンプリンセス for free without registration. If you haven’t registered yet, they recommend playing in the accessible trial mode until you are satisfied and then writing.

Features of “Moon Princess”

Moon Princess reel is a drop type with a 5 x 5 reel. If you only pick zero bets from $ 20.20 to $ 100, nothing else is ready, so it’s easy to play. In some cases, you can earn this slot by multiplying the multiplier by 20 times so you can expect a big win. Also, notice the multiplier on the top left that tends to be chained! Plain Go’s “Moon Princess” motif is Pather, a confident, beautiful female warrior. Moon Princess is a Japanese anime-fashion slot that is no longer the best in Japan but popular in the vicinity of the sector.

A sailor moon-inspired slot, Plane Go released this fit in 2017, marking the 25th anniversary of the sailor moon. Whatever the appearance, the content of the game is a video slot with a simple mechanism. The centre remains as the “wild” pattern of the crescent and remains as the invisible element. If the signs are attached to that position, they may additionally disappear. If you repeat them and delete all the characters on the screen, you can input free spins. The ambition of a video slot is to “delete the whole thing” because there will be no extra marks except to spin again.

Basic specifications of “Moon Princess”:

The minimum bet amount per spin is as wide as $ 0.2, and the maximum bet amount is as wide as $ 400, so even people with little military funds can fully enjoy it. There are five types of automatic spins, 10, 20, 50, 75, and 100, so you can choose according to your budget and time. It does not have high-speed spin or jackpot. Posting a jackpot image at an online casino When “Chokonosuke” was playing Moon Princess at Vera John Casino on the online casino strategy site “Casino Online Z”, it was $ 1693 (in Japanese yen) for free spins. You won about 190,000 yen). When you get the Moon Princess bonus, you have a good chance of winning if you don’t make a mistake.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Moon Princess fans are playing this video slot machine, who are enthusiastic about this bonus.