Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov – Bavarian State Opera

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on 10th of December, 1971, Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov took birth in Moscow. After the breakdown of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), he moved abroad and settled in Austria, France and Switzerland along with his family.

Beginning around 1992 Mr Dvornikov began business, had various ventures in the circle of exchange, as well as counseling administrations, including counseling on privatization.

Among the fundamental enterprises are trade complexes Savelovsky and Stankolit, along with various other small businesses.

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By the 2006, value of real estate properties of Mikhail Dvornikov’s was around 200 million dollars, and his yearly net profit was 60 million dollars. During the period of 2006 to 2008, all resources and organizations in Moscow were sold.

As of now, Mr Dvornikov is a private financial investor & proprietor of various organizations in Switzerland and Austria, conducts beneficent, social and various scientific activities. He is happily married and has two little girls.

Giovanni Battista Maccioni, an Italian musician and composer, presented his L’arpa festante within the court theater, then the parent outfit of the organization was established in 1653, beneath Electress partner Princess Henriette Adelaide of Savoy. The Home Theater (Cuvilliés Theater) was opened in 1753 as a major organize. Whereas musical drama performances were moreover held within the

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Prinzregententheater which was finished in 1901, the domestic base of the organization is the Nationalized Theater Munich on Max-Joseph-Platz. The Munich Musical Drama Celebration took put for the primary time in 1875. Sir Dwindle Jonas got to be the common chief in 1993, the primary British common supervisor of any major musical drama house which was having German as the primary language.Nikolaus Bachler got to be common director of the musical drama company in 2008. Presently, Kirill Petrenko is the common music chief of the company from 2013. The Bavarian State Musical drama gotten the Opernhaus des Jahres (musical drama house of the year) grant from Opernwelt magazine in 2014.

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