Let’s Not Miss Current Mobile App Development Trends. 

In today’s world, you can immediately observe the increase in reliance of people on smartphones and addiction to several apps, be it of any category for example entertainment, gaming, shopping, etc. 

This frenetic growth rate of mobile applications is leading to the development of new technologies. 

Although there has been a rapid increase in the number of different mobile applications, the need for new ones does not stop. 

Advancement in technologies with app development companies and innovative ideas of people is impacting in following the trends and developing the mobile apps accordingly.

People like to stay updated with recent trends and tend to get attracted to them easily. So, nowadays it is important even while developing mobile applications to follow trends that may include the aesthetics, graphics, design, UX/UI, etc of the application. The best mobile app development company follows these criteria and then develops the application.  

Top mobile app development trends – 

Do you know some of the trends to look after for mobile app development? If not, let’s have a look. 

1. Blockchain – the concern of security is always rambling amongst users. But through this new trend, your concern can be stopped.  Blockchain is an emerging technology in which you can create decentralized databases through which user data stays more secure and no one can alter sensitive user information.

As this service tends to ensure security hence it is emerging as the latest trend in 2022.  

2. 5G – 5G is the new telecommunication network transformation from 4G through which users can enjoy uninterrupted functionality with enhanced connectivity and an increase in network speed. 

Using 5G also leads to direct improvement in the mobled apps as they may function more smoothly. Hence, mobile app development companies mostly opt for 5G. 

For a mobile app development company in India, 5G can help in developing an app with high latency and low bandwidth. Thus, making the mobile apps more user-friendly and attractive. 

3. Augmented and virtual reality integration – as there are many mobile apps used for business purposes such as selling products and for making this process more appealing AR and VR are useful. The work of AR and VR is to display the products and services in an engaging way. For example, if there is any beauty brand and you have to choose the right shade of foundation for you it will help in detecting the shade by virtually trying them. 

If the mobile application is developed by the best mobile app development company with engaging AR and VR integration it will benefit both the consumer and seller. 

4. M-Commerce – M-commerce mainly called mobile commerce is referred to as the process of commercial transactions taking place through mobile apps or sites. There has been an exponential growth in M-commerce in recent years and will continue in 2022 too. 

M-commerce is a subcategory of E-commerce. This trend of using M-Commerce services will not stop anytime soon. Thus, Mobile app developers are concentrating on developing applications with better-performing m-commerce. 

5. E-Commerce – the ecosystem of a mobile app including e-commerce has never been so crowded as in today’s time. The new emerging apps have bought different touches of personalization for consumers. This individualized engagement feature has attracted consumers to the apps. 

Hence, creating a good consumer experience as well as saving consumer time.

6. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – have you seen mobile apps that recognize faces? Did you ever wonder how this is developed and even possible? These facial recognition features are due to the use of AI and ML by app development companies. These features enhance mobile app user security, with better functions, and boost user experience. 

Some features of AI included in the mobile app are as follows – 

  • Face recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Text and image detection

This trend has been helpful for consumers as it is providing security. For example, while using online payment methods such as Google pay, PayPal, etc. these apps use biometrics to identify the user. For many years security was not considered the main aspect but with passing time it is given certain importance. 

7. Wearable devices – wearable devices are devices that can be worn on the body or attached to clothes. In the COVID phase, people have inclined towards fitness and started their fitness journeys. For this, there are several activity tracker watches that count activity and track calories.

In 2022, wearables will emerge more into usage by consumers. Many health apps are connected to these watches. Also, smartwatches are present that include a touchscreen interface and are connected to apps. For example, Apple introduced wearables with app integration at WWDC 2019. 

Apple watch has created opportunities for mobile app development companies in India to develop more apps.


These were a few of the emerging mobile app development trends that have caused the difference in the success patterns of businesses. Mobile app development is rapidly changing according to technology and new advancements. With the pace of this people’s approaches towards the need are also changing. 

Undoubtedly, keeping up with the trends while developing a mobile app by mobile app development companies will benefit them for sure. By staying updated you will have a closer look at consumer trouble and satisfy the needs accordingly by building a successful mobile application. In this article understand the advancing trends of 2022 in this field and continue growing and developing the best mobile applications. 

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