Keep Education on Track During the Summer Holiday

Take advantage of educational summer activities while having fun with the kids during the summer holiday.

School-age children spend most of their hours in a classroom during the school year. That time is spent learning facts, figures, and life skills that they will need to know later. When summer hits, everyone is ready for a break. Unfortunately, a three-month break from education can hinder the kids when it comes time to go back to class. Kids often drop one, or even two reading levels and lose valuable math skills while they enjoy their time off.

It is possible to continue education during the summer holiday. Plan ahead and add some of these fun educational summer activities to the family routine this summer. It won’t take much to keep that reading level steady and improve math skills as well as they can keep up their writing skills by using an essay service writing or getting help from a tutor. Kids will be more prepared than ever when they return to their desks this fall.

Summer School Provides Continued Education Through the Summer

Many school districts offer a summer school program for children in the elementary grades. This is a great option for working parents because it is an all-day program. Kids love this option, which can seem more like summer camp than school. Classes are fun and engaging and kids get to spend the summer with all their friends.

To find out about the availability of summer schools in the area, check the website of the school district. Information can also be found in the nearest district office. Even school districts that do not offer a summer school program may be able to point to another district that does.

A Family Comic Book Can Provide Summer Education

A comic book may not seem like a very educational summer activity, but that is a good thing when it comes to giving kids an assignment over the summer holiday. This can be a project for the whole family to work on together, or kids can make their own. Either way, the educational benefit is limitless, for example, it can help write essays in the future or boost your kid’s storytelling skills.

Have the kids observe things throughout the week, even taking notes if needed. Once a week, the kids can compile those observations into a segment of their comic book. Measuring the lines for each box exercises basic math skills. Writing, reading, and observational skills are also in constant use.

Draw on the kid’s creativity by letting them create a whole fantasy world based on reality, such as turning the whole family into superheroes and villains. You also can turn to professional writers who provide essay writing services online to write a great story. For older kids or teens who are proficient on the computer, there is an even bigger wealth of knowledge available. Comic books can be taken to the next level by improving graphic arts and basic programming skills. Kids can do a storyboard (rough draft) on paper before creating the finished product on the screen.

As each page is completed, compile them into book form to keep. This can be done simply by using a three-ring binder. For a more long-lasting option, though possibly an expensive one, submit the pages to an online self-publishing system that will create a hardback bound version of the summer masterpiece.

Create Summer Education in the Kitchen

As far as summer educational activities go, cooking is one of the easiest and best things to do. Schedule at least one day a week to test and create new recipes. Younger kids can cook with their parents and begin to learn how the kitchen works. Older children can try new recipes for themselves and even challenge siblings to a recipe contest.

Cooking with kids has limitless benefits for parents and children. It teaches kids the valuable skills needed to prepare their own meals, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Have the children read the recipes themselves to work on reading skills. Converting measurements while cooking will improve math skills. Take advantage of every opportunity to show the science and chemistry at work as each dish comes together, and take the time to share the completed delicacies together.

This article only shows a sampling of the opportunities for education over the summer holiday. There are so many things that can be accomplished when kids are challenged to observe and interact with the world around them. Making summer education a priority will bring children and parents closer, and improve grades in the fall.

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