Is the most popular CRM software the best software for recruitment agencies?

If you’re seeking a recruitment software for your agency, you will inevitably run into a list of the most popular recruitment management systems.

It can be easy to just pick on any of the software vendors on the list and go with that choice. Because it is bound to be a good CRM software, right? It is not popular without a reason.

While that reasoning is not wrong, it is certainly not the whole truth. The best recruiting software systems in the market do have great features. But as a customer, it is vital that recruiters do their research meticulously and decide on the most suitable CRM rather than blindly determining that just about any popular software will do.

Determining the most suitable recruitment software with two key questions

Say you’ve been given the responsibility of finding the recruitment tools and systems for the business. How do you start? Where do you start?

It might be confusing because there’s a host of information available online, but it’s safe to say that always begin the search by knowing the answers to these two questions.

1. What are my most pressing recruitment challenges?

It’s important because identifying the predominant recruiting challenges helps put a spotlight on what is holding recruiters back from achieving greater success. Then this helps to pinpoint areas that can be improved and what might need to be done to solve the problems.

2. What are the essential CRM features that my agency needs?

Once you have clarity on the challenges and the possible answers to those issues, you can narrow down the search significantly. Doing this helps you centre your search for the best recruiting software according to the practical needs of your staffing agency.

For example, if you’re a one-person recruitment business then you are working from home most likely and will need a cloud-based recruitment software that allows its users to save all the data on the cloud and work from anywhere.

If yours is a temp placement agency, then you will have to find a temporary recruitment agency software. Similarly, an executive search software is necessary for head-hunters who seek c-suite executives for clients.

But having said all that, there are some factors that recruitment agencies must not overlook.

Critical elements that constitute best recruiting software

Since recruitment is all about people and finding the right candidate in the shortest amount of time, great communication is integral for a better candidate experience. Therefore, it pays to have a CRM software solution that helps with a constant and transparent communication style.

Compliance checks are mandatory in recruitment which makes an IR35 software a necessary tool. Recruiters can depend on it to quickly check the status of a candidate and make hiring decisions accordingly.

Excellent customer care as a standard is not always readily available in every recruitment software vendor. Post-implementation care must be consistent and ready to ensure that customers get the tech support to resolve any problems that hinder their business.

Reading user reviews is worthwhile in this regard. Take both the favourable and negative reviews into consideration. It allows potential customers to understand what to expect from the software as well as the service.