Innovative Ways To Use Brand Trial

We all enjoy a freebie here and there, and often can’t deny ourselves the pleasure of trialling products and services at no cost. However, with the ratios for online and physical shopping operating in retrospect, finding a way to incorporate brand trials has become tricky. This has been recognised as a “sensory gap” in the shopping experience today.

As much as this is a troubling area that needs an innovative approach, the efforts do not go unnoticed. Consumer reactions to previous innovative efforts for brand trialling tell us that we are heading in the right direction. Here are some examples of innovative ways to use brand trial.

Laive – The Italian Persecution

A Peruvian dairy company used meal delivery services to increase cheese sampling. Every time someone left an Italian restaurant in Lima, Peru with a delivery order, the Laive Vespa drivers followed them to the customer’s residence, knocked on the same door, and presented the resident with a pack of parmesan cheese to go along with their meal. The public enjoyed this, engaging with the campaign 4.5 million times and sharing it another 63,800 times.

Bumble & UberEats – Virtual Dinner Dates

Bumble partnered with UberEats during the Covid-19 pandemic and curated “virtual dinner dates”. Bumble users that resided in areas that UberEats operates in could enjoy a 25% discount on their meals when ordering through the dating app.

They also introduced a virtual dating badge, for the purpose of helping users find a match that is open to virtual dating.

Jägermeister – Ice Cold Convoy

The Ice Cold Convoy Tour began its journey in summer 2020. Their event staffing team visited locations across the United Kingdom to assist neighbourhood bars in rebuilding their operations following COVID-19. The campaign employed two automobiles and operated in alignment with all social distance rules.

Not only did this campaign lend a hand to bars that lost an unimaginable amount of business, it also lifted spirits in a time of isolation and loss.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that we can make things work if we capture the right angle. Technology has made this insurmountably easier, opening doors of possibility left, right and center. We hope you’ve enjoyed this delve into innovative ways to use brand trials.