Important things you ought to know about diesel chaff cutters.

The diagram above is an illustration of the diesel chaff cutter. It is a machine used to do several work in the farm, among the work it does is; cutting grass, millet and wheat straws or any other crop with weak straws that might need grinding to smaller pieces. The machine is equipped with blades that move at a high speed, the blades ensure that the straws that have been inserted for the sake of being grinded are pressed against each other and in the long run they break into very small pieces.

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Features of a diesel chaff cutter

Diesel engine, this is the power source where diesel will be put so as to make the machine function the way it is supposed to. The engine give power to the other features so as to move and accomplish the work.

Blades, these are the tools that cut the straws into the small pieces. The number of blades may vary from one machine to another but it is mandatory for a blades to be there in these machines because they do the major job in the grinding and cutting process.

Machine feed, this is an opening where the straws are first put so that the belt takes them into the cutting chamber where blades are. It’s basically a feeding opening for the machine.

In many products, the features influence the pricing of the product, diesel chaff cutter price in Kenya is relatively affected here because of the features named above.

Merits of chaff cutter machine.

It is efficient, the machine cuts a large amount of straws in a short time thus it saves both time and labour. When all the two are saved the owner gets an upper hand in saving.

Multipurpose machine, it can be used to cut other things like maize stalks for fodder or for manure. This is quite effective for use in a farm that involves more than just farming.

Simple and easy to operate, the models of the machines have been made in a simple way to enable ease of use by those who are illiterate. The simplicity has made the machine famous all over there for making the product wide spread.

Types of diesel chaff cutters

The chaff cutters have been categorised further in accordance to their size, number of blades, speed and weight, the various types have influenced the prices of chaff cutters in Kenya. The various types include;

Mini chaff cutters, these are small in size from the materials used to make to the amount of straws they take in at a time. So this ones are good for using in small scale operations.

Manualcutters, they do not have a mechanised belt that puts the straws into the cutting machine. So it is the user who puts the straws manually into the machine

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Automatic cutters, this ones have e a belt that moves like a surveyor belt this ensures that the straws are taken into the cutting chamber without the help of the user.


The diesel chaff cutters have helped a great deal in the farming industry because of the ease they give to the farmer in terms of making food for livestock. The fodder and hay that are fed to animals are better made in a farm than buying because making them by yourself is efficient than buying. The  chaff cutters and feed chopper machines are among the many machines that any farmer ought to reconsider while growing their farms.

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