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How to Solve Disney Plus Error Code 39 in 2022 

Disney Plus effortlessly streams TV shows, films, and other media to your devices without a hitch, but occasionally errors with baffling Error Codes do arise. For instance, Australia may experience the Disney Plus Error Code 39, which is frequently related to issues with DRM.

What does Disney Plus Error Code 39 imply in Australian English? The most frequent explanation for Error Code 39 is that the streaming service needs a secure connection, which your streaming equipment is unable to provide. You cannot use Disney+ generally as a result.

A few examples of the countless TV shows and films on the well-liked streaming service Disney+ are High School Musical, Candy, and Light & Magic. Use this streaming service on your Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, and Smart TV to properly appreciate the content.

Disney Plus Error Code 39 may appear when using Disney+ on a gaming console such as an Xbox. Discover the meaning of Error Code 39 and how to fix it on Disney Plus in Australia.

Describe the appearance of Disney Plus Error Code 39 in Australia. rights management error number 39 signifies that, despite the streaming service’s requirement for a secure connection, your streaming setup is unable to provide one. In case, your streaming device, Disney Plus app, HDMI cable, or TV is interfering with a secure HDMI handshake, these may be the reason for the issue.

The Video you were looking for is currently unavailable Sorry for that, Please try again. In case, the issue continues directly reach Disney+ Support (Error Code 39).

As we’ve already mentioned, a risky connection could result in a Sony TV or other device showing the Disney Plus Error Code 39. Even if this issue is resolved, if you use the guidance we provided to resolve the Disney Plus unexpected error, everything will proceed smoothly!

The latest content is continuously accessible on Disney Plus in Australia and also offers a sizable number of languages so that everyone can benefit from the content, so you won’t have to worry about knowing how to switch between them.

What is the Reason Behind the Error Code 39 on Disney Plus in Australia?

What does Australian Disney Plus Error Code 39 mean? Disney+ subscribers have mentioned seeing Error number 39 while using the streaming service.

It is obvious that this issue is present across a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, AppleTV, and PC. Other problems are also mentioned by users, such as Disney Plus Error Codes 73 and 83 in Australia.

The Disney Plus Error 39 could occur for a number of reasons:

  • There is tampering with temporary data.
  • The final temporary file for the console.
  • an incomplete copy protection check.
  • Restore a smart TV to its factory defaults.

In order to continue watching Disney Plus outside of Australia, let’s look at a workaround for the Disney+ Error Code.

Disney Plus Error Code 39: How Do I Fix It in Australia? (Multiple Methods)

There are several solutions to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 in Australia. Close the app and stop streaming if you received Disney Plus Error Code 39 on your phone or Xbox.

If you are using the Windows 10 Xbox app and then connect your Xbox One to your PC, you might need to restart both the app and your Xbox One.

Take advantage of the best Disney Plus content available in Australia by reading the other options provided below to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39.

1. Reload the Video Again

This error code can occasionally happen at random. When this kind of situation occurs, playback will easily resume by refreshing or reloading the video.

2. Attempt Using Various Streaming Devices

Disney Plus Error 39 was also evident when streaming from a smart TV and other devices. The Xbox One gaming console has most frequently been the culprit in this problem. To determine if a different streaming device fixes the problem, try it.

The problem is either with your Xbox One or the device that gave you the error code if you can stream properly from another device.

3. Test out an Alternative HDMI port.

Replace the HDMI port on your TV using the streaming device that caused Disney Plus Error Code 39. Look into each port to see whether any of them are operational. The handshake on that port was successful if either of them functions. As long as it is connected, your streaming device should continue to operate smoothly.

4. Try utilizing another HDMI cable.

Whether you have another HDMI cable, try using it to see if that fixes the problem. Use an intact, high-quality, short HDMI 2.1 cable if possible. Keep the cable plugged in and use it if you find one that works.

5. Use an HDMI to HDMI Cable

Error Code 39 can occur in case you’re using an HDMI converter cable of any kind, including an HDMI to VGA adaptor. Use a standard HDMI cable with an HDMI connection on both sides to link directly to the HDMI port on your screen, projector, or TV.

6. Try turning your Television Off and Power Cycling it

Unplug the television, then plug it back in after some time has elapsed. In case, it doesn’t work, try to restart both your streaming device and TV at once. You might have to go through it again if the HDMI handshake fails once more in the future.

7. Reinstall the Disney+ app

After uninstalling the Disney Plus app, restart your streaming device. Install the Disney Plus app again to see in case the error fades. Also, you can run a free trial in Australia to check for errors.

You do not need to worry about figuring out how to sign up for Disney Plus for free in Australia because all new Disney+ subscribers get a free trial.

8. Try Using a Different television

To see whether it also happens on another TV, check this problem there. As a result of their inability to support a modern enough version of HDMI for secure connections, some older televisions may experience this kind of issue.

9. If you have installed video-capturing devices, remove them.

If you use your video capture devices to broadcast video games or record videos, unplug them and cut the connections. As a result, Disney Plus may malfunction on a few of these devices and show Error Code 39.

10. Log out of your Disney Plus account on any additional devices.

You might have too many devices logged in, for instance. Try watching the film on one Disney Plus-enabled device while signing out of as many computers, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets as you can in order to test this option.

11. Reset Apple TV / Android TV to Factory Settings 

In case, reinstalling the Disney+ app didn’t solve the issue, it advise to reset your Apple TV or Android TV to factory settings if you’re using one of those devices.

A lot of impacted individuals who were going through a similar situation acknowledged the success of our initiative.

  1. Terminate the Xbox Streaming App on your computer.

In case, you’ve been streaming while using the Windows 10 Xbox app to connect your Xbox One to your PC. Stop doing so to fix Error Code 39 Disney Plus Xbox in Australia.

  1. Restore the factory settings on your Xbox

While viewing well-known movies on Disney Plus Hotstar in Australia, Error Code 39 may also display. To watch Disney Plus or Hotstar content, you can restore your Xbox to its original factory settings.

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