How to Effectively Maintain Your Bathtub for Prolonged Usage

Who doesn’t love a good bath? The process of unwinding without a worry in the comfort of your tub can be highly therapeutic and blissful. Add to that the charm of scented candles and flowers, and voila! Your at-home spa is ready. However, to enjoy the perks of a pleasant bathing experience, you’ll need to ensure that your baths are shining and spot-free throughout. Maintaining them frequently will ensure an uninterrupted tranquil time and save your wallet from a big bite in the future!

And guess what? The best part is looking after your bathtubs is no rocket science. Instead, with consistent and straightforward steps, you’ll have a bathtub you cannot wait to hop inside. Here is how you can maintain them for a prolonged period:

Clean it Regularly: One of the best ways to ensure no long-term maintenance cost is to clean your bathtub regularly by yourself. You do not require any heavy-duty pieces of equipment or even an extra hand, for that matter. All you need is some time and a little thought before setting out to clean your priced tub. You can start by using a mild detergent and rinse off all the leftover lather. Check the edges thoroughly as liquid soap tends to accumulate over time and render it slimy and dull. Clean the internal and external body, too, and once that is done, make sure you dry it out completely before the next use.

Rid Stains Off (if any): Nobody enjoys seeing or using a stained bathtub. Therefore simply relying on quick regular cleaning is not going to guarantee a stain-free and spotless tub. Chances are, your bathtub may still tend to discolour over time, and visible stains may ruin its appearance. You will have to make efforts to ensure that no stubborn stains make a home in your tub. And for that, you can rely on a suitable professional stain remover from the market. Read through the instructions and let the solution sit over the stain for a while. You can also use a blend of vinegar and baking soda to get rid of unwanted stains and spots. Make a thin paste and let these magic ingredients do their trick!

Clean the Jets Every Month: For an unhindered bathing experience, simply cleaning the tub as you can see it won’t suffice. You will have to go the extra mile and look into the jets at least once a month. The best way to do it is to fill your tub with water and add some vinegar or any reliable cleaning solution to the water. Your jets need to be covered with this fluid. Let it rest for a while, post which you can simply turn on the jets and rinse the water out. Doing so will ensure complete and thorough cleaning of your tub.

Allow Time for Drying: It is often understood that cleaning baths are all about scrubbing, scraping, and cleansing, but that is not entirely true. Though they are essential, it is equally necessary to allow ample time for your tub to dry out completely. Assuming that the tub will be wet anyway and any time soon can render much of your cleaning process to be futile in the long run. Depending on the material of your tub, constant dampness and moisture can cause it to deteriorate and cut its life span. Therefore, drying is a very vital step, and you must provide ample time for it post-cleaning.

By considering the points mentioned, you can be sure of having a splendid time in the tub!

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