How Azure can help drive customer success

Microsoft Azure is often described as having “infinite potential” and “unlimited possibilities,” but what exactly does Azure accomplish, and what can it achieve for your company? This article will answer these issues and demonstrate the value of Azure by demonstrating specific ways Azure consulting services could be used by your company and the immediate benefits you may obtain.

What exactly is Azure?

Azure is an open-source cloud computing platform that offers solutions such as Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service for services including virtual computing, analytics, storage, networking, virtual computing, and more.

It can be used to replace or supplement on-premise servers. Azure is a swift, versatile, and cost-effective platform with the finest public cloud price and features available. But, more importantly, how can you make it work for you?

Implement and enhance disaster recovery and backup 

Azure is a dream tool for disaster recovery and backup. Why? Because of its built-in integration, excellent site recovery, and flexibility. Azure is fundamentally adaptable as a cloud-based solution; it can back up the data practically on any OS, any language, and from any location. You also have control over the frequency and scope of your backup plan.

Tape backup has its place, but as a stand-alone disaster recovery and backup solution, it is restricted. Offsite replication, up to ninety-nine years of data storage, low onsite maintenance, minimal operational costs, and minimal or no capital investment are all features that Azure site recovery may add to your data backup.

Azure backup saves three copies of the data in three distinct locations within the data center, as well as three more copies in an offsite Azure data center, ensuring that you never lose data.

If you’re working in a Windows simulated environment, using Azure’s built-in backup integration is a quick and straightforward solution. Azure site recovery interacts with HyperV architectures and System Center, allowing System Center, Azure, and HyperV to work together seamlessly.

Develop and host mobile and web apps

Azure makes web and mobile apps adaptive and autonomous with AutoScale, patch management, and integration for on-premise apps, whether you’re looking for a platform for developing, hosting, or administering them.

You can spend less time managing your infrastructures and more time improving your apps with automated patch management for your virtual machines. Continuous deployment capability is also included in Azure, allowing you to automate continuing code modifications.

You may easily connect your app to an on-premise application using Azure. Employees and partners can safely access information inside your firewall that might otherwise be hard to access externally by linking apps in both places.

Supplement and distribute an active directory

Azure can work with your Active Directory to complement your authentication and authorization control capabilities, giving your DNS an international reach, centralized management, and high security.

You may use Azure to deliver a direct connect-enabled Active Directory infrastructure globally. Azure is the only cloud provider that can extend the scope of the domain controller while also consolidating AD management.

Suppose you have several locations or utilize on-premise or cloud applications such as Microsoft 365. In that case, Active Directory integration will be the key tool for maintaining and managing access to these applications.

Azure also allows you to employ multi-factor authentication, which adds a new layer of protection to your applications and data while requiring no more effort from your users. Single sign-on is also simple for cloud apps on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

What will you do with Azure?

These services only skim the surface of what Azure can achieve for your business. Aside from Microsoft’s specified services, it’s brimming with cloud computing possibilities that you can tap into in virtually any way.

If you have any doubts about the different ways you could utilize Azure or need assistance installing a service, contact any Azure consulting services to learn how to plan and implement the correct tools to meet your goals.