Finding Raw Food in a Cooked City

In most urban environments, there are farmers’ markets where local growers go to sell their crops. Checking online at often provides good leads. Also, search online under “Health Food,” “Restaurants, Vegetarian,” and even “Farms,” “Fruit Stands,” or “Farmers’ Markets.” Once you find the healthy stores, take a look at their bulletin boards and pick up any health or new age magazines they may have for free.

These publications often have listings of everything from “fruit for sale” to “raw gatherings” and may also list restaurants. If all else fails, most supermarkets now have organic sections, so find the biggest one you can and make do with their commercially grown “organic” produce.

Metropolitan areas usually have a number of health food stores that serve different neighborhoods, as well as organic or health-conscious restaurants that serve some raw foods. Check out the Yellow Pages under “Health Food” or buy a copy of The Tofu Tollbooth, compiled by Elizabeth Zipern and Dar Williams, which lists just about all the health-friendly places in the United States, state by state.

Foraging in the Woods

For airplane travel, it is best to bring your own food. This is the only way to ensure clean and fresh raw food. I’ve been told that a few airlines offer a raw option, and one airline offers only organic produce. These days it’s challenging to get airline security to let you through without irradiating your food.

If you happen to have food in your pockets, you can get a few things onboard without being irradiated. Otherwise, every bag goes through the X-ray machine. The amount of radiation is supposedly less than that emitted by a cell phone, yet this may just be safety propaganda.

Last words

Personally, I either fast or bring what I can. One of the best travel foods is kimchee. When they break out the cart of microwaved beef, open up your kimchee. It will mask the smell of the airplane food and help build up good flora that airline radiation destroys.

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