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Feature-laden Walk-In-Shower: A Contemporary Part of Luxurious Bathroom

While you have a plan to wipe out the whole traditional look of your bathroom then you should concentrate on the features of a master bathroom. Master bathroom is an exclusive concept of modern home improvement. During bathroom remodeling what makes you more passionate about the contemporary appeal of your personal refreshment space is the shower. In terms of seamless relaxation, you cannot avoid the productivity of a trendy shower.

In Houston, the residential property owners keep the walk-in-shower option on the top list of bathroom remodeling. This shower option makes your bathroom elegant and enhances its accessibility. If you are looking for the professional and experienced service provider of bathroom remodeling or shower remodel in Houston then MaxHome is the best choice.

Walk-in-shower is such a segment of the master bathroom, where you can add a spa-like ambience. And no doubt this type of ambience will not only end your physical tiredness but also enhance your mood. To bring a spa-like appeal to your walk-in shower, you can opt for a waterfall type showerhead.

Advantages of Waterfall Showerhead Installation:

  • Ultimate Coverage

All the models of waterfall type showerhead come with an efficient soaking facility on the body in a fraction of seconds. So, the speciality of this showerhead lies in its maximum coverage capacity.

  • Elegant Look

In terms of look and appeal, a waterfall shower head can be a prime choice for your bathroom because it always brings a charm of wonderland. Thus, it offers the ultimate pleasure of bathing in an enclosed classic shower space.

  • Energy Saving

Having a wide surface, this showerhead meets the needs of body soaking within a short time. So, it helps you to conserve plenty of water. As well as you can save energy consumption with this showerhead.

  • Easy To Install 

This waterfall type showerhead has huge popularity for quick installation facilities. Only using tape and a mini wrench, it can be installed within 10 minutes very easily.

  • Seamless Experience of Water Spray

Having 144 nozzles always provide a smooth experience of the shower on your body. As well as the speed of water spray can be adjusted as per your requirement. 

  • Model Basis Specification

The looks, performance and quality of water spray of the waterfall showerhead depend on model variations. This type of showerhead is available in different variations including hand shower mode, water curtain mode, waterfall model and rainfall mode.

So, different models of waterfall showerheads come with amazing features. For example, the integration of fitted LED light with showerhead completely improvised the charm of a master bathroom. Few models pack game-changing technology like temperature-regulated LED lights, which reflect the different colours as per temperature variations. Moreover, versatile functionality-rich features like shower hose, thermostatic mixing valve makes waterfall showerhead an exclusive shower piece for contemporary bath suits.

What Material Is Perfect For Waterfall Showerhead?

To meet the needs of the durability factor, the selection of showerhead material is very vital. The following points represent the best materials for waterfall showerheads:

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  • Stainless Steel

As a primary material, stainless steel made waterfall showerheads bring a glossy and sleek appeal to your shower space. Long-term durability and rust proofing texture of stainless steel make your investment in shower remodelling successful.

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  • Brass

It is also a quality material for making trendy showerheads. In terms of attractive look, it enhances your bath space beauty 100%. as well as this material offers a high level of pipe fittings facility. Brass is a highly popular material for waterfall showerhead as its corrosion-free texture never affects the elegant look of a master bathroom. Above all brass material always makes your waterfall showerhead leakage-proof.

  • ABS Chrome

Having an extensive appeal ABS Chrome material makes your showerhead highly flexible for plating. As well as it reflects a consistent appeal of plastic textured surfaces.

In Conclusion

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to stick on a glass door or glass-based walk-in-shower enclosure. You can opt for a tiled shower wall and it will offer you a hideaway nook to have shower-cum-singing sessions, while the whole family is using one bathroom. Therefore, all the discussions on the pretty concepts will guide your decision to remodel the traditional shower options of your home or residential properties.

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