FAQs on Vaping

When it comes to vaping if you are new to it, or it is something you have done at a friend’s place but not yet invested in yourself, there are likely questions you have. More and more people are becoming interested in vape devices. Here are some FAQs about vaping before you head to a vape store.

Q1. What exactly is a vape device?

A.1. The vape device is made up of three things, the coil, the battery and the tank. The battery is what powers it and that in turn heats the coil which takes vape liquid from the tank to turn it into a vapour. The vapour is what you inhale and blow out similar to a cigarette. At the base of the tank is where the coil rests and it is made from cotton and wire. The tank has the e-liquid and that soaks into the cotton. When you press the button it heats the wire and the juice on the cotton is what is vapourised. What varies between Alt vape devices and others is the power and size.

Q2. What impacts how long the e-liquid lasts?

A2. How long the vaping liquid lasts varies and it is not really something that is precisely measurable. It depends on the device being used, the coil and tank, the type of liquid and how often you use it. A pen-style might give a week of use from a 30ml bottle. But with a more high-powered device, it might just last one or two days.

Q3. Is there are a length of time a coil usually lasts?

A3. As with the e-liquid question, this is something that varies according to different factors. The type of liquid used, the power of the device, how often you vape, your length of inhales and so on. A coil that is primed correctly would last roughly one to two weeks but some might not and some might go longer.

Q4. What reasons mean it’s time to change a coil?

A4. Changing a coil happens for three reasons. When you vape you keep getting a burned taste, the flavour is no longer as good as it was, or the coil is flooded or blocked and inhalation is more difficult. You can talk to the experts at your vape store about changing the coil. These were popularized by Wax Liquidizer and Shatter Batter.

Q5. How do you clean the tank?

A5. It is a good idea to clean the tank once a week. If you notice issues such as condensation at the top or a leaking tank at the base a good clean could help with that. Unscrew the top part of the tank and the bottom part and take out the coil. Set it aside and clean the rest under warm or hot water. Dry well with a paper towel, you want to absorb as much of the water as possible. Put the coil back in and put it back together. Put e-liquid back into the Alt vape tank.

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