Factors to Consider When Buying Safety shoes

To most people, shoes are worn more for aesthetics than for safety. Ladies, more than men, have a preference for matching the colour of their shoes with their handbags or their dresses.

High heeled shoes are in vogue, but they increase the risk of injuries. Choosing the right type of shoe at the workplace, in sporting activities or for taking leisurely walks, is critical. This is where safety shoes come in.

Shoes are not just shoes, they serve specific purposes. Understanding this basic principle is the first step towards choosing what shoe to wear. Many people are likely to suffer from sprains or have serious leg injuries because they wear the wrong type of shoes. Specially made shoes can help keep you safe from serious injuries to your feet.

What distinguishes the shoes?

Safety shoes  have an added advantage over ordinary shoes. They are made from leather reinforced by metallic or non-metallic materials just above the toe cap and have slip proof soles capable of withstanding electric shocks. The reinforced toe cap is ideal in factory settings where objects could easily fall and injure a worker while on duty.

Heavy machinery

Operating heavy machinery, handling corrosive materials or moving heavy objects from one place to another exposes one to serious bodily harm. That notwithstanding, menial work must continue. Most governments and companies have therefore come up with safety measures that must be adhered to in a bid to ensure there are no injuries at the workplace.

Legal requirements

The safety of workers is the responsibility of the government and the employer. As a guarantee for fair play, the government enacts laws that must be followed. These comprise provision of protective gear, including specially designed shoes for workers as a way of minimising injuries where accidents are most likely to happen.

Workplace injuries

Leg injuries have, and can occur anywhere. It is possible to get one’s foot twisted during a normal walk, while working out in a gym, while running or merely walking up the stairs. Most leg injuries, however, occur while at work. Safety boots prevent accidents that could lead to disability. The injuries include serious cuts, severe burns and electrical shocks.


Demand for shoes that protect workmen and even sportsmen has led to an increase in the number of companies that specialise in producing such shoes in order to meet demand. While some of the manufacturers put emphasis on quality, others simply mass- produce for profit. It is therefore important to ensure one gets the right type of protective shoes.

Sports people

It is advisable for individuals at greater risk of injury to their lower limbs to wear protective shoes. Taking extra care to wear protective shoes saves athletes, footballers, hikers and mountaineers medical costs they could incur in case of injuries occasioned by wearing the wrong type of shoes.


Personal safety starts with an individual being conscious of the environment they work in and taking precautions against accidents. Injuries resulting in disabilities have consigned many to a life of misery. Take the right steps to stay safe by wearing protective gear, especially protective shoes.