Easy Ways to Settle into a Family Home.

The journey to owning a property is far from easy. From applications, to deposits and various expenses, to making your house a home- being a homeowner is nothing short of tiring work. even if you bring in professionals to help, like Removals Preston. And if you ask any parents “is it possible to have a picture-perfect, neat property, and children too?”, most of the time you will be answered with bursts of laughter. Many people have this image of children and a family home being overrun with chaos, and any clear floor space taken up by toys strewn everywhere. However, your dreams of a stylish interior design do not have to be discarded just because your house is catering for a family- and although it may require some adjustments, you can still have a beautiful home that is child-friendly. Combining the two elements may also work wonders if your house is on the property market, as the notion of a family home is sought after by prospective buyers. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” perhaps changing the interior of your property and living habits to become more child friendly is a great place to start, and here at We Buy Any House we have provided our top tips.

Redefine Your Expectations:

Sometimes, our expectations can leave us feeling disappointed if things don’t turn out exactly the way you planned. So first on the list is to redefine your expectations and your idea of a ‘perfect’ home. When it comes to creating a family home, the notion of appearance has to give way, and priority becomes creating a space in which children can feel comfortable and have fun, to learn and play. Prior to having children your home may have resembled a showpiece, but prepare yourself for a home that feels lived-in, and despite how much you clean, clutter and mess will be an inevitability.

Let Them Have Input:

As much as you are the homeowner, now your home is a shared space with the rest of your family- and this includes your children too. There are small ways in which you can make them feel as though they are making important decisions for your home- even if they’re not. Give them a certain aspect of the house to make minor decisions about- such as the colour of their bedroom walls or ornaments in the living area.

Create a Kid Zone:

If you’re not so keen on letting your children make contributing decisions as to the décor or interior design of your house- then designate a space to let them have as their own. This could be the spare bedroom, conservatory or garage space. As a parent, you will probably be spending a lot of time telling your kids what they can and can’t touch, or play with – so why not let them have fun? If you’re going to give them a whole room, you should consider making it themed or incorporating a fun design such as space or Disney themed. If you’re going to enable a certain space in a room, think about using something fun such as a teepee or tent to let your child/children play in their own world.

Invest in Stylish Storage:

You may feel like your house just never has enough space.  Storage is a huge necessity when it comes to living in a family house- especially if you have young children that are in the toy-phase of learning. Just like adults, children deserve their own storage space, somewhere where they can store their favourite and important belongings…that isn’t the living room floor. In order to ensure there is plenty of storage for your children, invest in an army of toy storage containers and baskets to hold all of their belongings- and ultimately ensure you’re not picking up after them 24/7.

Introduce Smart Organisation Hacks:

The great thing about children is that order and organisation can be easily established- it just has to be fun. The trick of making everything a game is no joke, and this can extend to the organisation and tidiness of your house. Small changes, such as hanging colourful hooks in the entrance way to your property will instantly jolt your child into remembering that they need to hang their coat up. Additionally, placing a laundry hamper in the bathroom can be a simple solution to clothes thrown in the hallway and on the bathroom floor.

Take it Outside:

Although this may not be your idea of bliss in the home- it’s important that children have a part of the house in which they can ‘go wild’ and let their freedom and creative imagination run free, and it’s no secret that the best place for this is outside. If your property allows outdoor access, then dedicate some of the space for those messier activities- such as painting, plant plotting, sports and even water fights (for the sake of your interior).


Perhaps the toughest tip of all is compromise. As painful as it may be to say goodbye to your interior design and perfectionist dreams, there needs to be compromise in the home so you can live together as a family, in harmony. Preventing your children from treating the house as a space for them will only prolong the struggle against the inevitable. Be thoughtful to the needs of your children and how you function as a family, and watch how your home life commences into a transitional period of harmonious living.

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