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Easy Ways to Make Your Rental Flat in Bangalore Feel Bigger

Big dreams. Incredible ambitions. Tiny flat. Well, that doesn’t quite seem to fit, right? But it’s the reality of a lot of people who move to Bangalore to kick start their college journeys or careers. Because rental flats may be the canvas for your independence, but they tend to run a little short on space. So, what should you be prepared for when you rent flats in Bangalore? And how do you manage to make your space look and feel big enough for you? Can you ever actually get accustomed to living your life in minimal square footage? Don’t worry because we’ve got the answers for you. Our super easy hacks will make your hostel or PG room in Bangalore feel bigger and more comfortable with very little effort. Check them out!

Get better lighting

If your flat is not just small but dark too, it’s going to feel like a cupboard. And if there’s one thing we learnt from Harry Potter, it’s’ that no one should have to live in one. So, give yourself a chance to see the space that you’re working with by getting better lighting for your flat. If you have large windows, make sure that your curtains aren’t blocking the natural light. And if you’re unlucky and don’t have a lot of sunlight in your space, invest in some lamps that you can place around the borders of the flat to make it seem brighter and more inviting. A well-lit space creates the illusion of more room, so your flat will automatically feel bigger.

Opt for an open layout

If you want to make the most of your small flat, you need to keep it clean and not cluttered. Instead of piling your stuff all around your home and making your place feel like a hoarder’s paradise, make sure that you set up an open layout in your flat. Push the large items of furniture against the walls so that you have an open space in the centre of each room. Having a clear walkway in the centre of your flat will give you more space and help you feel comfortable. You can even spruce up all this newly cleared space with a bright area rug or carpet.

Go natural

When it comes to decorating your flat, less is more. You might think that lots of tiny knick knacks will add a lot of personality to your flat, but all they’ll actually add is dust. Instead, if you’re trying to brighten up your flat, you should consider indoor plants instead. Not only will they add a pop of colour to your decor, they’ll improve the air quality and have a positive effect on your mood as well. All of this will make you feel a lot happier about your flat and make it seem larger and more airy too. And even if you’re not convinced about your skills as a plant parent, you can check out some low maintenance or hydroponic plants and succulents that are virtually impossible to kill.

Switch to minimalism

If you’ve been looking for a reason to try out minimalism, moving to a small flat in Bangalore is the perfect excuse. This new lifestyle is all the rage and it’s really sustainable as well. It involves limiting your possessions to only the essentials in order to help you streamline your life and maximise your space. Which makes it perfect for a small flat. Start by organising and purging the items that you already own – starting from clothes, shoes and accessories to books and furniture. Then think about sustainable swaps that you can make to help you achieve a minimalist lifestyle. Setting up a capsule wardrobe, choosing ebooks rather than physical copies, purchasing second-hand items and reducing the amount of clutter in your space are all steps towards embracing a minimalist lifestyle. So if you’ve been looking for a sign to change up your lifestyle, go ahead and try this out.

Opt for managed accommodation

If you want a rental flat in Bangalore that won’t feel small and cramped in the first place, you should choose a managed accommodation like Stanza Living. They have well designed and spacious flats and residences with the best of facilities included in the rent amount. You won’t have to worry about using hacks to improve your life here, as it will already be top quality. They have residences in several areas across Bangalore and all over the country as well. Check out their website for more information.

These hacks are definitely going to make a difference to the quality of your life in a rental flat in Bangalore. So, check them out and see how they can make your space look and feel bigger and better.

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