Discover Fast 3 lottery at Fun88

Although it only revolves around 3 dice with basic sides from 1 to 6, the number of betting forms of the Fast 3 lottery at the Fun888asia house is extremely diverse. If you are intending to try this game, but do not know the content of the betting forms, this article is for you.

What types of Fast 3 bets does Fun88 offer?

Bet 1 number

Those of you who have just become a member or have just started betting should join this bet form because it is very simple. Of the numbers 1 to 6, choose any number to bet. If one of the three dice results in the number you chose, you win.

Double bet

Means betting on the outcome of a pair and an odd number. It is not necessary to guess exactly which pair will appear because as long as the result has one pair and one odd, you win.

Same Triple Bet

In this bet, the outcome of the three dice will be the same. If you follow this bet, you need to choose a specific number to bet. For example: 222 444 555 666…

Different Triple Bets

In the numbers from 1 to 6, you need to specify only 3 numbers corresponding to 3 sides of the dice to place a bet. If the 3 dice results are the same as the 3 selected numbers, you win.

Bet on 3 consecutive numbers

In this bet, you need to predict 3 numbers that will appear in a row (no need to be in order). For example, you bet on the set of 3: 345, 236, 161,… If the result is 534 or 116, you win.

Bet on any set of 3

This bet is similar to the triple bet, however, the difference is that you do not need to choose the numbers that will appear on the dice.

Total bet

You need to predict what the sum of the three dice will be. If the prediction is correct, you win the bet. For example: You bet the sum of 3 dice is 12, the dice roll with the result of 4, 6, 2 or 3, 3, 6 then you win.

Over/under/even bets

Bettors at register fun888asia often participate in the following bets:

Over: sum of three dice heads from 11 to 18

Underside: the result of three dice with a total of 3 to 10

Even door: the sum of the three dice is an even number

Odds: three dice have a sum of 1 odd number

Experience playing Fast 3 effectively at Fun88

High concentration is what you should do when participating in Fast 3 at  the quality house Fun88 . Each game will happen quite quickly and unpredictably, so if you lose focus and do not think carefully, the probability of losing will be high.

Limit changing playing tactics constantly. Patience following the given strategy will bring you closer to victory. The reason is because the numbers in Fast 3 often have a very high frequency of repetition.