Consider the following before purchasing a vacuum cleaner

Buying a vacuum cleaner does not only entail performing a monetary transaction and getting the machine in return. If you aren’t keen and specific about the vacuum cleaner you want, you may buy an underperforming one. This article cleans the air for you.

A vacuum cleaner is a device that keeps dust and tiny particles at bay. It is not only used by individuals at home but also in the industries to clear dust particles that may clog the moving parts of the machines. As you can see, the device is essential. However, if you want to own one, you must consider several factors.

Bin Capacity

The bin capacity should fit your application of the vacuum cleaner. If you want to use the cleaner in an industry with complex and massive machines, the bin should be ample. The larger the container, the more dust it can hold. If you want to use the cleaner for home purposes, your dustbin should be smaller.

Warranty Specification

There are many different models of vacuum cleaners in the market today. It may be a bit tricky to identify the best model. If the brand grants a more extended warranty, the brand has faith in that product. Therefore, you should go for the one with a more extended warranty.

Suction Power

Suction power refers to the maximum pressure difference the cleaner can create. The unit for measurement is Pascal. If you want to use the cleaner to clean very rough floors, then your cleaner should provide powerful suction.

Initial Cost

People often say that finance is the denominator of everything. This saying means you have to consider the initial cost for everything you buy. You should evaluate the price first and purchase the cleaner that best suits your financial ability. It would be best if you also tried to match the cost with the features. Vacuum cleaner price in Kenya has not fluctuated by any significant amount.

Flex Horse Length

The length of the hose pipe should be able to reach all your desirable areas.

Electricity consumption

It would help if you tried to match the electrical power consumed against the work done. This matching will help you determine the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Like other machines, it should produce more than it consumes. The higher the electrical ratings, the more influential the vacuum cleaner is.

Dry or Wet cleaner

A wet vacuum cleaner comes with a waterproof collector to collect liquids. These vacuum cleaners are best in places where there are incidences of spills. On the other hand, dry vacuum cleaners clean dry surfaces. Under no circumstances should dry vacuum cleaners come into contact with water.

Dust Filters

Low range vacuum cleaners have microfilters that need washing and sometimes replacement. However, the better models have HEPA filters that trap the tiniest dust particles to ensure they don’t affect you.

In conclusion, you have to know the specifications you want for your vacuum cleaner. You must consider bin capacity, suction, horse length, warranty specification, power consumption, and cost. If you consider all these factors, you will own a suitable machine.