Can a Player Win Cash from a Free Spin Slots Round?

When a business launches a new product, it promotes the product by providing consumers with free samples. Similarly, when online casinos add a new slot game in their catalogue, they give players free spins. So, the players can spin the reels without making any deposit – click to visit.

After all, when the game is new, players are not well-accustomed to it and that makes them nervous. They get scared of losing money. As a result, free spins are very effective in promoting new games. Nevertheless, that is not the only reason why free spins exist. They are also given as rewards in slot games. In fact, almost every slot game rewards its players with free spins.

Can You Win Money in Free Spins?

Whether you can win real money in a free spin actually depends upon which slot game you are playing. Slot games are of 3 types:

  •         One where you can bet real money
  •         One where you can play for free
  •         One where you can have both options

In the slot games that fall in the third category, you have to choose the demo mode if you want to play for free. Now, in most cases, it is observed that you cannot win real money in the game if you are not playing with real money in the first place. However, in a slot game where you can place bets, you can indeed win cash prizes irrespective of whether it is a free spin or not.

Which Game to Choose?

Best Slot Games with Free Spins for Real Money
1 Starburst
2 Vikings

There are many slot games where you can play with free spins and win cash prizes. Here are 2 of our favourites:


Starburst was launched by Net Ent in the year of 2012. The game comes with expanding wilds which help you win re-spins for free. Betting starts from £0.10 and goes up to £100. The gold bars are the most valuable symbol on the reel. You get 10 paying lines. The house edge is less than 4%. The variance is set low. So, expect to win small rewards very often. You can access the game from multiple devices.


Vikings is a slot game inspired by a TV show of the same name. Just like in Starburst, the house edge is less than 4% in this game too. The minimum limit set for stakes is £0.20 and the maximum limit is £100. When it comes to rewards, you can multiply your stake by up to 10,000. The layout features 5 rows and 7 reels. There are more than 78,000 betting ways. Having such a large number of betways is common for slot games that have more than 5 reels.

Final Thoughts

Both the games that we just mentioned have been designed by Net Ent which is among the world’s leading developers of online games. Net Ent was previously known as Net Entertainment. You must always ensure that the slot game you choose has been designed by a good developer. Then, you can have a superior gaming experience. We hope you found our recommendations helpful.

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