Boost Conversions with an International SEO Strategy

Boost Conversions with International SEO

If your brand is having trouble boosting its market share in neighbouring countries, maybe it’s just not speaking the right language to connect with your customers in the new market. Maybe it’s time you make the change to an international SEO strategy

Many brands make the mistake of thinking that besides your local language, a website that has an English language option is good enough. But if you find out that your site has many international visitors who look through the site and then move on, wouldn’t it be prudent to give them a reason to stay? 

Offering a range of languages on your brand’s website lets your customers know that they all matter. But you can do even more in making customers out of these visitors. You can offer them a localised website experience to make them feel more comfortable and willing to engage with your site instead of just ‘window-shopping.’ 

An SEO team can perform research into the markets your brand is trying to tap into. This research can turn up many facets to connect with the new audience that you can use to start an effective and rewarding conversation. Once you start this conversation in a language they’re comfortable speaking, you’ll be more likely to turn them into satisfied and repeat customers. 

International SEO Makes Your Site More Flexible

You can choose to adopt a strategy based on your brand’s goals. If you sell to many different countries and need to convey information about your products to everyone at once, choose language targeting. This allows your site to have many different language versions. 

By selecting the version of your brand’s site in Bahasa Malaysia, your Malaysian customers will learn the same information about your brands that your Philippine customers are reading in Tagalog. But the keywords within the content can be localised to Malaysian or Philippine preferences. 

This means you’ll not only be speaking to them in their own language, but you’ll also use the same terms they both use in searching for your brand’s products. 

If you see that there is a significant upsurge in the amount of business that you’re doing in Malaysia, your SEO team can easily target Malaysia more closely. They can launch a country-specific site that addresses the increased traffic and focuses on buying habits and other data to make the most of the traffic increase. 

Keep Your Fingers on The Pulse of Other Countries

Another advantage of having multiple-language versions of your site is that you now have easily-monitored data that tells you how successful your products are in the region. You can adjust your strategy to increase the marketing activities in countries that show the most promise and find out why you’re not performing well in others.

Having an international SEO strategy allows you to make the best choices in your marketing options. And Primal has the knowledge and experience to help you develop that strategy. Get in touch with Primal to learn more about the benefits of going international.   

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