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Bible study Bellevue: Introduction to Jesus Lives

Bellevue is the largest city of state Washington. The major religion of the people living in Bellevue is Christianity. We all aware of the fact that the people follow the Christianity religion believes that there is one god only Jesus and his holy book is Bible. Churches are the major religious place of the Christians in which they learn all about Bible and the God. They worship their God in Churches. There are many churches in Bellevue, which gives the services to people to learn about their God Jesus and his words.

In this regard, Jesus Lives is one of the churches in Bellevue, which gives services to people. Jesus Lives is a church, which provides place to Christians to worship their God Jesus. In this article, I am going to tell you all about Jesus Lives and the study of Bible study Bellevue. If you want to get information about Jesus Lives then you must read this article from start to end.

Introduction to Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives is a church in Bellevue, which provides the place to people to worship their God Jesus and to recognize their God by learning his words. Jesus Lives is a non-profitable Church, which works free of cost to teach people about God. Jesus Lives provide a guideline to people according to the Jesus’s words in Bible.

Everyone can involve with Jesus Lives and can serve Christianity or Christians. Jesus Live works to encourage people to love with God, explore his words, and live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus.

Basic Information about Jesus Lives

Church Name Jesus Lives
Address 13456 SE 27th PI Suit 205, Bellevue, WA 98005, Unites States
Phone Number +1 425-655-5054
State Washington
Zip Code 98004
Email Agrees [email protected]

Jesus Lives is situated in the King County of the State Washington. It is located on Southeast Street 28th.

Street number of Jesus Lives is 10808. You can contact them by using their contact number and by visiting their website. If you want to involve with them then you can because they allow everyone to serve people along with them.

Category or Characters of Jesus Lives

Jesus lives is the church from one of the best churches in Bellevue. It is the best church, which gives facility to people to learn Bible and to find out the God by living their lives according to the teachings of God. The basic categories of Jesus Lives are given below:

  • Non-Profitable Institute
  • Religious Organization
  • Church in Bellevue
  • Christian Church

Jesus Lives ——-Vision

Jesus Lives is a church in the City of the State Washington, Bellevue. It is one of the best churches. Jesus Lives is serving people and to spread the love of God among people. Jesus Lives provides a place to people where they can worship their God Jesus.

Jesus Lives ——–Mission

The mission statement of Jesus Lives tells that they are purely working to spread the love of God among people.

To Spread the Word of God, Build Discipline, and Usher in end-time revival.

Final Words

Jesus Lives is one of the best churches in Bellevue, which is working without any cost or charges to serve people by soul and heart.