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Beautiful and Trending Gold Necklace Set Ideas for Every Occasion

It is a saying that you do not have to speak about jewellery, it speaks for itself. The ornaments made of gold are most appealing and signify purity. For all men and women, their special occasions like weddings, festivals, pooja, etc., are incomplete without traditional gold jewellery. The jewellery made of this yellow metal enhances the look and makes you feel rich and classy in the crowd. The woman mostly has jewellery from head to toe. They wear maang tika, nath, earrings, necklace set, gold mangalsutra, set of bangles or gold kadas, rings, kamarbandh, anklet, and toe rings. Men usually love to wear a simple gold chain, rings, and sometimes small earrings – either to follow the latest fashion trends or to follow the tradition.

In this article, we will be talking about different types of gold necklace sets that one can buy either as an investment or to wear of their own.

1. Bridal Necklace Set

Usually, brides are loaded with their traditional gold jewellery but the most noticed one is the heavy bridal necklace set along with matching earrings. The necklace is beautifully carved in a way that it looks heavy and majestic. It beautifully fits into the neck and completes the look of the bride along with some other pieces of jewellery.

2. Simple Gold Necklace

Some women love to wear simple jewellery even on special occasions. Simplicity has its beauty. A simple gold necklace with a simple thin chain and carved with light designs of flowers, buds, leaves, etc. gives a beautiful look to a woman when worn with elegant attire. A beautiful and nice fall in the necklace makes it noticeable in a very sophisticated way.

3. Necklace set with a gold locket

For some simple functions, you can buy simple gold necklace sets with a beautifully carved pendant along with matching earrings. The gold pendant can be studded with shining stones, meenakari work, etc. Such necklaces are light in weight and very delicately used. You can wear them at any social gatherings like office parties, birthdays, festivals, etc.

4. Choker Style Necklace Set

A Kundan worked choker-style necklace set is considered a masterpiece and worn to give a rich look to your attire. The Kundan work is very expensive as it is handcrafted by an experienced craftsman to make a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is mostly worn by the brides or the close relative on marriage functions to get adorned with a royal look.

5. Antique Gold Necklace Set

Antique jewellery is referred to as the gold ornament designs famous from the age of kings and queens. The piece of jewellery worn by several kings and queens was uniquely designed with expensive stones and shining gold. The queens used to look like goddesses when they used to wear such beautiful pieces of jewellery designs. It is difficult to create that magic again with the latest jewellery designs but some of the efficient and experienced craftsmen are capable of creating something like that. People become speechless when they look at their astonishing work when they create such antique necklace sets.

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