Basic principles of SEO copywriting

Content is essential for search engines to index anything. However, there are some rules that, when implemented, increase the visibility of the text. In this article, we will present the basic principles of SEO copywriting musik4d.

SEO copywriting – what is it?

SEO copywriting is about creating texts that increase your visibility in the search engine. Content positioning is the result of an appropriate structure and the use of appropriate keywords.

Therefore, in order to significantly affect the visibility on Google, it is not enough to provide substantive information – you should also stick to certain rules of SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting rules

Two main factors contribute to increased text visibility:

selection of key phrases

optimization outside of the content

Keywords 1xbitc

Keywords (phrases) are the most important words around which the text is focused. They tell search engines what the main topic of the article or website is about. For this reason, they are “privileged” and should be located:

  • in title mpo999
  • in the headers
  • at the beginning of the content (i.e. the lead in the article)

In addition, they should be in the middle of the text from time to time, but not very often. 0.5-3% of the total word content is the concentration recommended by the YoastSEO plugin guidelines, and according to Google’s requirements, it is important that the content is simply natural. If we have a problem with creating unique content, a good solution is to use a paraphrasing tool.

Optimization beyond content

This stage of work includes: wayang88

  • adding headers
  • adding photos to the article
  • supplementing alternative texts to photos
  • writing meta-texts
  • performing internal linking

Proper execution of these procedures will affect the user’s convenience and structure transparency, and as a result, more efficient indexing of the text by Google robots.

Depending on whether we are talking about a blog article lucky77slot, subpages or product descriptions, there are slight differences in optimization. Nevertheless, all activities are focused on emphasizing key phrases and increasing the readability of the text.


It is worth following the principles of SEO copywriting diligently, as it is a big step towards professionalism for any company. In addition, positioning effects turn into marketing potential, increasing sales and website traffic.