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Are ball pythons a good pet for my first reptile?

Reptiles have become an increasingly popular choice of pet these days. You can find them all over social media, in the news, and in the homes of over 4.5 million Americans. With all the buzz going around, those who never considered keeping a cold-blooded animal are now vying for one of their own. If you’re one of these reptile-curious individuals, you probably already know the common consensus is that ball pythons make for one of the best first reptiles for beginners.

This recommendation is spot on. Aside from these charming snakes being one of the most popular of the animal class (for reasons which we will get into later), ball pythons bear all the necessary characteristics to make them an excellent choice for those facing the reptile learning curve. They have a wonderful temperament so there’s no worry about getting bitten; they are delightfully low maintenance in terms of their care needs; and last but not least, they’re one of the most beautiful snakes around.

4 Reasons Ball Pythons Are Perfect For Beginners

If you still need convincing why ball pythons make for great first pet reptiles, here’s an in-depth look at precisely what makes them so wonderful.

Friendly & social

Ball pythons are well-adjusted to human interaction. They’re one of the few species that can tolerate being picked up and loved on with any frequency, perfect for the pet owner that was previously accustomed to a very hands-on pet experience. Other snakes can become stressed out by too much interaction, which isn’t any fun for you or the snake.


As mentioned before, there’s very little risk that your ball python would ever hurt you. These guys are lovers, not fighters. In fact, they get their namesake from their tendency to curl up into a ball and hide from danger, rather than go on the offensive.

Straightforward care requirements

The practical aspects of pet ownership are another area where ball pythons shine. Hailing from the dry sub-Sarahan grasslands of West Africa, ball pythons like their enclosures to be warm and cozy. This means no fiddling with humidity levels, which can be tricky to master. Additionally, these snakes are hearty and healthy and far more forgiving if it takes you a little while to get the hang of their temperature routine.

Lots of variety to choose from

Looks aren’t everything, but we’d be lying if we said that appearance wasn’t a factor that influences our decisions. Fortunately, ball pythons are beautiful inside and out. This snake species boasts the most color and pattern variations than any other, giving you ample opportunity to pick the one that matches what you pictured as the perfect snake.

Ask anyone and they’re likely to tell you to start your herpetological journey with a ball python. Should you do so, you’ll find yourself with a friendly snake that’s easy to care for and fun to interact with. You can find ball pythons for sale, as well as their thousands of morphs, virtually anywhere that snakes are sold.