Applications That Every Student Should Have 

Being a student in college or school, one gets lots of assignments and tasks to complete. Along with these, they need to focus on their studies at the same time. Balancing all these things may not be easy. Furthermore, every student needs to have a certain set of tools like tools to edit PDF online and make notes while studying. Some of these tools make these things easier for students are as follows –  

Evernote App 

This app is the best for making notes and organizing your activities. It is compatible with almost every device, i.e, iOS, Windows, and Android. Students can easily input notes and can manage all of them in one place. Moreover, it allows you to create memos, checklists, and to-do lists. Students will find it easier to keep their documents and files all in one place. 


In this fast-developing world, learning is the most evolving element. For students, learning never stops. In the world of the internet, various platforms have developed to deliver knowledge, experience, and training to students. And one of them is Coursera. On Coursera, numerous courses are offered with guaranteed internships and certificates. This app is available for free on Windows, Android, and iOS, but may charge some amount on subscribing to some of the courses. 


This is the must-have tool that every student must have. If you want to have some help working on your assignment, you must download the Grammarly app as it enables you to correct all the grammatical errors, and suggests various synonyms and new words that a student can use in their daily life too. 


Students must never stop learning new words and new things. One must always aim to use the correct word at the correct time. But we often face a shortage of words when we speak. To solve this problem, one can use the dictionary application which offers various exciting words of the day along with their synonyms. Impressive words in sentences or assignments can create a unique impression in front of everyone. 


So, if one wants to be highly productive and learn new things on the stage of being a student, one must download these applications and ease their workload with these new arrangements. After completing your work, if you have saved it in a PDF format you can use a PDF editor like PDFSimpli to edit PDF files.  

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