7 things about water pumps that you are bound to experience and how to Rectify for Longetivity

This common device is termed as “little hero” in our homes. This device is always not remembered until when we encounter problems that can be solved by it. It is therefore very advisable to buy a good quality of this device that will enhance proper service and good customer satisfaction.

What makes up this device?


They are found in the market and vary according to how they are powered. They are powered by fuel, oil, insulin, hydraulic, or electricity. Various components make up this device and include:

  • Casing – This is generally the shell of the pump, it houses, protects, and supports the other components. It is useful in the prevention of leakages and pressure retention.
  • Impellers – this is the rotating gadget in a pump. It moves the fluids in a pump through the rotation.
  • Mechanical seals – they are required in cooling, cleaning. An separating the fluids inside the seal.
  • Bearings – helps in the reduction of friction on the pump’s moving parts. It aids the shafts in smooth rotation.

What are the 7 common problems of pumps?

Water pumps sometimes have the following difficulty when operating it. These problems include:

  • Starting problem – power supply can be a factor if it does not start properly. Ensure that it is firmly connected. The following are areas to check to ensure that it is connected properly/
  • Check if it is connected firmly.
  • Ensure that the switch is closely contacted.
  • Check if the fuse has blown out.
  • Ensure that the pump has no mechanical problems.
  • Overheating of the auxiliary power motor – four reasons can give rise to this
  • Power supply if the voltage is too low or high.
  • This device reasons particularly if there is overworking of the electric motor causing its temperature to rise or if the motor is started too frequently.
  • The motor failure.
  • Bad working condition like damp or dusty places that can eventually affect the motor.
  • Overheating – this might due to:
  • Damaged bearings.
  • Highly tightened tape.
  • A poor oil quality,
  • Flow insufficiency – this can arise because of:
  • Unmatched power speed.
  • Too long pipelines.
  • Water leakage in the outlet pipe.
  • Difficulty in water absorption – this can occur because of:
  • Air in the pump body.
  • Air accumulated in inlet pump
  • The bottom valve closure is faulty.
  • Vibrating violently – this can arise due to:
  • Unbalanced electric rotor.
  • Uncombined coupling.
  • Worn and bent bearing.
  • Cracked and loose rotating parts.
  • Pipeline support is not firmly connected.
  • Bad and dirty smelling water that comes from the faucet – this can arise when the pump is pulling water from a contaminated well. This can cause harm especially if the water is for consumption purposes.

What are the solutions to the above problems?

Water pumps problems can be solved by adopting the following:

  • Always checking that the sockets and plugs are firmly connected.
  • Undertaking the repairs and maintenance on regular basis.
  • Always check the pipes for any leakages.
  • Inlets pipes should always be checked for any leakages and repairs done where necessary.


Pumps are very useful in our daily life. They help in sustaining our daily life by keeping us supplied with quality and clean water. It is very important to repair and maintain them so that they give you quality service. For more, check