6 Kit Essentials For A Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer always has to think of all possible eventualities on a wedding day. Weather conditions and light can change and occasionally equipment does fail. But regardless of this, the final outcome needs to be perfect. After all, this is the most important day of a couple’s life together and there are no second chances. As an experienced London and Surrey wedding photographer, Richard from Surrey Lane Wedding Photography shares the following tips:

  1. An Appropriate High-quality Camera Bag

In choosing bags, wedding photographers tend to have several depending on the job they are doing. For full-day plus weddings at larger and more unique and upmarket Surrey wedding photography venues in say the winter months or when there is bad weather they may require  a lot more equipment: more lenses, more lighting, waterproofs etcetera and so will require a large bag with external attachments. Whilst for a smaller, or more simple and less complex wedding then a lighter, smaller and more portable bag will be a better choice. This is especially the case if the job involves moving quickly between multiple venues or when the conditions are great and there is plenty of natural light throughout the day.

  1. A High-end Professional Camera

So we are talking about a full frame DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

In addition we will have two camera bodies, one being the main camera and main lens that’s to be used the most throughout the day, the second one being fitted with a second lens with a different focal length. This also acts as a backup camera in case the main one fails.

  1. A Minimum of Two Fast Lenses with Different Focal Lengths

For wedding photographers the most popular lens and the real workhorse throughout the day is a 28-70mm zoom lens. Some photographers then choose between a 70-200 zoom lens and a 50mm prime lens. Depending on the situation they may also benefit from a wide angle zoom lens.

  1. A Camera Harness

A simple but essential piece of kit, and which you will feel naked without is a camera harness. You can have a round the waist option or an over your shoulders version. Either way, it means you can carry two cameras with you at all times. As well as freeing up your hands when required, it means you have an immediate backup and quick access to the most appropriate lens.

  1. Camera Battery Grip

For many wedding photographers this is a must as it allows you to shoot all day without thinking of having to change batteries. The worst thing is to find your battery has run out and your spare is in your bag somewhere else on the site or in your car.

  1. Speedlight Flashgun

Photographers will try to harness natural light where possible but there are certain conditions (think dark months, bad weather and dark venues) when flash is definitely required. Then obviously you will need two flashguns in case one fails.

Whilst there are many other bits of important equipment you could add to this list these are probably the most important. And it goes without saying that back up camera batteries, flash batteries and memory cards are included as well.


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